Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is There Room?

Remember a few weeks ago when we yelled for the Dewberry family because they needed 32,000 in 2 weeks? 

Well they are across the ocean and are now the PROUD PARENTS of one very precious little girl!!

Photo: The family faith built!  Fully funded, in less than a week, they met their daughter yesterday!

Doesn't that just melt your heart???  Your gifts gave them what they needed so they can bring her home!  


Nicole is on a mission over there.  She isn't just focused on her little girl.  She's got two little boys who have totally captured her heart and she is now SHOUTING OUT for them!!!

This is Lance.  You've seen him on my blog before!!

Nicole describes him as being a ray of sunshine.  She has spent time with him everyday and has been so impressed by his behavior and attitude.  He is a happy little guy with an infectious laugh.  He is described as being extremely well-behaved.  He loves to help and takes responsibilities without complaining.  He shows NO sign of any attachment issues and would make an amazing son!!  

PLEASE GO CHECK OUT HIS RR PAGE.  Would someone look and see if there is room at their table for him??  A little boy with a happy heart who wants a Mama and a Papa of his own.  He will light up your life!!  I guarantee it!

This is Steven.

Nicole says this little guy just makes her weak in the knees!!  She absolutely adores him.  He is kind and loving and  extremely tender-hearted!  She thinks that he is definitely going to be a Mama's boy because he LOVES hugs and cuddles!  

Again - PLEASE CHECK OUT HIS RR PAGE.  This little guy needs a family so badly!  Maybe you are looking for TWO precious treasures because both these little guys can be adopted together!!  


You guys all know my deep love for Jack...

Most of you know that Jack lost his first family... Many of you know that Jack had a 2nd family who almost committed but then found out that a baby is on the way and they had to back out...

So Jack is back on the list for needing a family.

Oh sweet Jack....

There is a Giveaway going on for Jack that you can find HERE.  

Jack, Steven and Lance all have HIV just like PORTER who was transferred to Aaron's mental institute!

If you want to learn more about adopting a child with HIV - please go to PROJECT HOPEFUL!

I have friends with kids who have HIV and they consider it the easiest special needs out there!!! 

Four boys... All needing families.... 

Is there room at your table?


  1. Thanks, Julia! And I am always happy to talk to people about what it's like to raise a child with HIV!

  2. Thanks for blogging about Steven! He's been on my heart lately.

  3. I am Steven's Guardian Angel. I love his sweet smile! I hope he finds his forever family SOON!

  4. Julia thank you for posting the boys up! You rock!!!

    I would be happy to share anything with any families interested in these boys and have questions. I am with and around them about 5 to 6 hours a day. I have fallen in love with both Lance and Steven and they are very special boys who just want a Mama and Papa and have such great personalities that are so different from one another!

    Thank you again for spreading the word and all your prayers ans support for Tatiana and our family! God bless!

  5. Do you know if this is the same Steven that used to be listed on RR but was removed... He sure looks like him. Oh, how I had fallen in love with that boy!


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