Friday, June 29, 2012

Matching Madness

On this Fatherless Friday - I'm doing a Matching Madness Day!!

I don't know if today is Payday or not.  It wasn't for us but whatever... We are still going to have fun!!

Matching Madness makes the little bit that you have - stretch even farther.

In this matching madness... Your five dollars becomes ten.  Your ten becomes twenty.  Your fifty becomes one hundred.

Isn't that fun?

All the matching funds today are going to some desperately needy situations!!   We're raising ransoms here because all these kids are either in terrible situations or are headed that way very very soon.  

This is Porter.  The sweet little boy in the gray shirt.

You have met him several times this week on my blog.  He is in Aaron's old institute and SHOULD NOT BE THERE!!  His story has broken hearts all over the internet.  Well someone has offered a $1,000.00 matching grant for Porter that we can't turn down.   WE NEED TO GET HIM OUT AND FRANKLY - IT IS MONEY THAT IS STANDING IN THE WAY!!  He can't wait for a family to gather the funds together before they can commit to him.  He needs out yesterday.  But families don't have 24,000 in their back pocket.  So those families who have inquired about him are hesitating.  They KNOW that they need to move FAST to get him.  But the financial barrier is daunting and cliff jumping into that kind of debt is profound.  Please help me make the financial barrier a little less steep.  Porter currently has $2285.60 in his grant account.  If we match the $1,000.00 being offered than Porter will have 4,285.60.  That isn't 24,000 I know but it is 2,000 steps closer and maybe, just maybe, a family will step off the cliff to get him with 4,000 in his account. 

Porter's matching grant is going to be open for two weeks.  So if today is not Payday... You have two more Friday's to help me raise his ransom!

You have also met Bernadette before...

She is 16 and is currently in a decent institute.  Because she has Down Syndrome, even though it is a decent institute, she gets to sit in a room all day hidden from the other children who are free to roam the halls.  But even though she is doing virtually nothing all day, her life is a piece of cake. Where she is headed is a living nightmare that makes her current situation look like the Taj Mahal.  We yelled and yelled for Bernadette and the Rogers family listened.  They stepped up and agreed to not only adopt Bernadette but they are bringing Mason home too.  He too sits in that same boring room.

 Last week I begged people to donate to them and a few did.  They needed 10,000 and now they only need 8,000.00.  It isn't enough.  They are leaving in a few weeks.  

Again - a matching grant has been offered.  A $1,000.00 matching grant for the Rogers.  We have two weeks to raise it but frankly... even if we match the $1,000 - they are still going to be $6,000 short.  I don't know how to fix that problem.  I wish I could materialize the difference but I can't.  

So I'm just putting it out... Can we take the 1,000 and not just double it but quadruple it??  Will you give over and above for the Rogers?  I met their kids.  I held their babes.  Bernadette and Mason are going to thrive in this family.    They are going to be allowed to RUN FREE on their property!!  Please help the Rogers!! Please!

And finally... there is one more matching I want to share...

Do you remember little Ian.

He's in Plev*n - In the WORST orphanage in his country.  NOT an exaggeration.  In a few weeks his Mama and Papa are going to meet him.  For one week they will be holding him and loving him.  They will be counting his fingers and toes.  They will be kissing his little cheeks.  All the while silent tears are going to be streaming down their faces because they won't get to bring him home.  They will have to wait another 3-5 months before they can go back and carry him out.  They will carry him out of the WORST orphanage in the country.

Ian's family has been offered some matching grants that will get them FULLY FUNDED.  Oh I like that!  Every dollar donated has an end in sight.  Fully Funded means they can concentrate on helping the other Plev*n families get what they need.  Fully Funded means they can spend their time praying and preparing instead of worrying.  Yeah!! 

The Menges family was offered the one matching grant several weeks ago.  But they didn't post it.  They were actually rather terrified that they wouldn't be able to match it.  Fear is funny!  It too often keeps us from stepping out in faith!  It freezes us from doing what we know we should.  A few of us had to stand behind them and basically shove them off the cliff to get them to post their grant.  PLEASE PROVE US RIGHT!  Show them that cliff jumping is exhilarating.  Their first matching grant is for $2,500.00.  Their second grant is for $1,000.00. So they need 3,500.00.

If you donate to the Menges - You will be entered into a NICE Giveaway.  The prizes are FUN and more are being added so keep checking back.  The more you donate.. .the better your chances of winning something.  



PICK ONE... TWO OR ALL THREE... Donate whatever you can and see it doubled.  Let's help raise the ransom for these FOUR children. 



  1. Thanks for sharing these! There is also a $1500 matching grant (running through Labor day) for Karina - she needs medical care for hydrocephalus & Crouzon's syndrome.

  2. We love you, Julia! You write so well and you have it exactly right. We will meet him and leave him...but then we will come home. I don't know how we will manage going there (I am scared!) but being fully funded will help a lot. THANK YOU FOR TALKING ABOUT OUR LITTLE BOY. Thank you for pushing us! :)

  3. I donated to one of the families for now...Will get back to the rest!

  4. Thank you for posting about the Roger's family...we love their family so much and are trying to do everything we can for them.
    Thank you for posting!
    The Adamson family
    Our fundraiser for the Roger's is:

  5. I donated $100 yesterday for Porter- will this count?


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