Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day

We debated about sending him full time to school.

We knew what we had done last year just didn't work.  

Part-time homeschooling... part-time public school and part-time trips to Shriners every week for almost an entire year just don't make for good academics for a little guy who is so far behind.

Full-time homeschooling would be an option if we weren't working 24/7 on BiblioPlan right now.

Full-time public school was an option except we cringed at how many kids were on the playground with our fragile son.  

We wanted small.  Small classroom.  Small school.  

We wanted loving teachers who were willing to work with our little guy and the challenges he brings.

Money was an issue.

The Lord provided.

He provided a small school, small classrooms, loving Godly teachers who have already fallen in love with our little guy.

He provided the finances.

He provided a school that Ben passes every day on his way to the community college.

The Lord provided what we needed to send Aaron to a small Christian school this year.

It was a hard decision.

It is a good decision.

He loves it.  

He loves his teachers, his new friends, the sandbox.  

It was a hard decision but a good one.  

Our littlest is now a full-time school boy!!

I'm at peace.


Jacob's grant rose a little over the last day... But not enough people!!  

He still needs $1,413.00 to reach his matching grant goal.  


My friend shared with me this last week that at her husband's work they were raising money to adopt an elephant.  In 24 hours they raised 20,000.00.  They were so excited that now they are trying to adopt 2 elephants.  

One Elephant.  One little boy.  Both need 20,000.00 to be adopted.

I love elephants.  Don't get me wrong.  But.... in truth... I think we need to get our priorities straight.

That is all I am going to say.

A precious treasure just waiting to be found!!


  1. YAY! I am so thankful that God provided a way for Aaron to receive the best possible education!!! That's wonderful news.

  2. I'm so glad that God has given you peace in doing what is right for Aaron and for you at this time in his life, and provided the money as well. Miriam

  3. Look at how happy he looks. Love how God provides.

  4. Aaron and your oldest son look like they could be nothing other than biological brothers! Their features resemble each other so much, funny how that happens. Both handsome young men indeed.

  5. Aaron looks right at home in his new classroom! What a sweetie!!

  6. So glad you found the perfect school setting for Aaron! How could they not love him, those dimples are to die for!

  7. OH! Big day! I am so glad he loves his teacher and classmates...lump in my throat. .. It is so hard and yet so amazing to watch them grow up. happens so fast!

  8. The best part of this all is the smile on Aaron's face! A smile is worth a 1,000 words!He was able to do something that had you all not answered God's call he never would have been able to do!

  9. Wonderful news! So glad He provided for your beautiful boy! He looks so grown up and handsome ;)


  10. oh do you know what, i love elephants as well but that has just made me burst into tears!! oh my, i see it all the time trying to fundraise, people look at me with this look of 'oh that's terrible, what a shame for those kids, anyway can you stop ruining our day we are talking about elephants here'!!! it blows my mind the apathy to's the devil at large, it simply has to be!!

    thank you so much for your lovely comment Julia....i dream and pray every day that sweet Bobby and Katrina could join us!! I still pray my husband's heart would change and i also still storm parliament with letters to open things up here! my most recent letter back from government admitted that it should be possible... but in practice it isn't happening...there is a very effective system of red tape to put into reality what they wont say in a public arena!!! :(

  11. also so happy and thrilled that you found the right school and your boy is settling in. i loved the shot of the two of you in the latest RR video! xxxx

  12. Today was my 5 year old son's 1st day of school as well. I cried. I'm a homeschool mama. My first 4 children are all homeschooled. But the Lord reminded me that only HE is to be worshipped and that homeschooling had grown a pedestal in my heart. And I found that once again I must trust only what He says to do. My son came home with a smile and a little heart he cut out for me. It is well. Bless you as you forge this new trail. BTW my other 4 start Biblioplan year 2 tomorrow. With you in spirit.


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