Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pies for Jacob



We're just hanging around... 

Ben and Elijah are enjoying their last days of summer... Aaron is adjusting to a new norm... all day school!!

I'll share more on that another day.  

In the meantime....

You see this little guy??

This is Jacob and he has been offered a TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR MATCHING GRANT. 

After Jacob was offered this matching grant...  a bunch of crazy Jacob lovers set out to get him to that 2,000.00 mark. They agreed to take pies in the face each time his grant account reached a milestone.  So far THREE pies have been thrown. But despite their best efforts..they fell short.  The grant was SUPPOSED to end yesterday.  They had only raised $440.00.


Fortunately the donor is granting them ONE MORE WEEK.

Jacob gets a reprieve. 

HE NEEDS $1639.00.

Did you read that? Twelve people are willing to take a pie in the face to get this baby boy noticed.  LOOK AT HIM.  He's just a little guy.  He's got so much potential.  He's only a year and a half old.  

Will you help these crazy Jacob lovers to raise the 2,000 so his grant account will have FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS IN IT?  That is a huge grant account.  That could make the difference for a family who is wanting to cliff jump but afraid of the financial burden.  


CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO JACOB..... and click HERE to watch the Jacob lovers get pied!!

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