Sunday, November 18, 2012

A New Babe

A few weeks ago I was going to share with you a sweet little girl with arthrogryposis who was available for adoption.  Her name was Francesca and she was just an itty bitty babe.

November's child: Francesa

The little group of women I am in who are determined to give voice to the kids with arthrogryposis were thrilled to be her voice.  They had already started yelling for her and I was right behind them, formulating a post in my mind.  Just from their posting alone several families had inquired about adopting her.  

She died.  

She was only 8 weeks old.  Arthrogryposis is not a condition that causes death so something else happened.  Sorrow upon sorrow.

I didn't even get to yell for her.  

But as we mourn her passing, and we deeply mourn her passing.....

We were given another file of another babe.


Another itty bitty babe who has been left at the hospital.  He too has arthrogryposis.  He was four pounds at birth and they are using a feeding tube to help him gain weight.  He is only 3 months old and is available for adoption.


 Arthrogryposis is at its worst at birth.  I have friends whose children are walking and they were born in the same condition Kyle's legs, knees and hips are in.  Aaron's feet were clubbed like Kyle's and look what Aaron is doing!!  Kyle's records don't indicate that his upper body is affected.  Even if they are - the fact that his right elbow is bent is a HUGE plus!  

Kyle needs out of that crib. He needs to be held and moved and stimulated.  He needs a Mama who will work his hands and arms.  He needs a family who will fight to get him the best treatment possible.  He needs gentle hands and lots of kisses.  

If you are SERIOUSLY interested in adopting Kyle - 

Contact Ruth Cox. Her email is

The requirements in his country include:

*at least 30 years of age
*have been married at least 5 years
They are flexible on the number of children already in the home if you are adopting a child with special needs. Also this is a Hague accredited nation which is only important for the fact that you have to fill out certain paperwork for it.


  1. I'm heartbroken that little Fransesca died! She's such a little angel. . .I pray that Kyle will be able to quickly find his forever family. How amazing for him to receive therapies and interventions soon. I could just scoop him up, darling baby boy! Sending prayers.

  2. Can I ask which country he's from?

    1. We dont' know which country. That information would be made available to an interested family who inquires.


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