Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kuddos Mom

I may have blown the Veterans Day clothing requirement....

But I didn't blow the PAJAMA DAY on Wednesday!!

Of course Aaron's teacher sent me a PERSONAL REMINDER so that I wouldn't forget!!

Even so.... 

I'm counting it as a Win for Mom!!


  1. kudos
    I though you homeschooled?

    1. I do homeschool but this year we made the decision to put Aaron at a small Christian school because he really really needed to be immersed in the language and he was not getting the whole - You need to learn to read - thing from me! But peer pressure is marvelous and his teachers are fabulous. We will eventually homeschool him again because the school is only elementary but for this year it has been a wonderful decision.

  2. You are making me crack up! I used to get so bent out of shape if I forgot stuff too and then I realized, hey, it only makes my kids a little stronger - all of life can't be disappointment free, right?! He looks so cute :)
    Have a great weekend...


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