Friday, November 16, 2012

An Honest Post

Okay - Here's another - "I'll be honest" post.

It's Angel Tree time and all year I have assumed I would be doing something big for the Angel Tree like I did last year.  I didn't know what I would be doing but I was going to do something!   I mean if it hadn't been for the Angel Tree we would not have found Aaron.... Of course I was going to do something!! 

But as the time drew closer I realized that I have NOTHING to give this year.  My cup is empty.  Oh I know I could round up prizes because you guys are absolutely generous to a fault and I have already gotten e-mails from people.  It was ME.  My cup.  My energy level.  What I bring to it.  Empty.  I'm exhausted.  

So I've been in this mental battle with myself that involved wanting to do something, wanting to do nothing, feeling guilty because I'm not doing anything etc. etc.


sonny before    sonny after

Well - she reminded me that unless the Lord builds the house - the labor is in vain.

And peace flooded my heart.  It is OKAY that I don't have anything to give right now.   It is okay because it is the Holy Spirit who moves and directs and right now - I'm in a waiting and resting period.  The Lord will move in my heart when it is time and I don't need to worry about it.  I'm just going to rest and wait.

That doesn't mean I don't care about the Angel Tree because I care deeply.  Some of the children on the Angel Tree have already been transferred BUT MOST HAVE NOT and  I WANT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!!  Finding families for the young ones is MY DEEPEST DESIRE.  Raising awareness for the wee ones so that they never have to set foot in the mental institute.... Oh Dear Friends.... 

I check the Angel Tree daily to see how the kids are doing.  I first of all look at Yegor since he is my Angel Tree boy!!  He has $101.50 in his AT account.  Only $898.50 to go!!

Yegor B.

Then I look for Emmitt.  Yes Emmitt is on the Angel Tree.  Praise God!!  GO EMMITT GO!! 

He has $283.46 in his AT account.

Emmitt (1998)

And now that Alexei is a Lost Boy I am going to be checking him daily... His AT account is at $140.00


Then I start looking at the other babes.... whispering prayers... longing for families.... grieving over all the faces I recognize... babes who have been on RR for years and years...
These are but a few....  

Elden 14G Nastya (11) Kristie (2001) Alexander (2H) Frank (2000) Angelia Brett #19-1 Celine (2H) Kolya 15H Alicia Owen 3G Matthias 2H Alexander G 13G Donovan Bobby (50) Kate 26HA Francis (2004)

Oh how could I not care?  Each one a precious treasure. Each with diagnoses that should not define them.  Each one cast away by the world.  Each one worthy of love.

I'm waiting and resting.  But I am not idle.  Prayer matters.  And above all else these kids need prayers.


If you want to enter to win some REALLY COOL PRIZES... go to Stori's blog and enter to win.... All it takes is a 5.00 donation to Sonny.

sonny after


  • The Mountain family made it to their appointment ON TIME and should be in region today meeting their daughter. PRAISE GOD!! They are so very grateful for each prayer raised on their behalf and would welcome continued prayers as they walk through the process.
  • The Eriksons met their 1,000 grant match!!  Thank you to those who donated!  
  • The Sharps are having a Facebook Auction with over 100 items in the auction.  It ends today and they still have items that have NO bids on them.  I donated some of those items  - go check them out and bid!!!
  1. Narnia CD's
  2.  A 24 HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS Action Racing Collectibles 1:24- Scale Stock Racing Car. Mint in Original Box! NO BIDS!!
  3. A Tie the Knots Kit for a Boy Scout. THIS IS NICE!!  It is brand new - I had to unwrap the pieces to take pictures.  It comes in a NICE wooden block!!  Great Christmas gift!!
The Auction is for Zek and Rowyn.... CLICK HERE TO GO BID!!
Sharp Adoption Auction

  • The Nance's are having an AMAZING auction and Giveaway to spring Maxim from the Mental Institute.... They have some beautiful art work up for auction including some Thomas Kinkade pieces. They also have a Giveaway that you need to check out!! CLICK HERE TO GO BID!!  
Photo: Friday is payday for some! Can you spare some coffee or some other treat to help feed and save a precious little boy?  Is there anyone out there who has $250 or more to give toward a match for Maxim?  Please contact us if you do at It can make a huge difference in Maxim's life! There are just two weeks left in his fundraiser, and $3,300 is still needed. Please help if you can by donating here:  OR check out his family's auction and giveaway here: Thanks so much! Stephanie Nance, Benjamin Barringer, Carolyn Vetter Twietmeyer, Tina Kacirek

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  1. What you give on an empty day for you is more than what many people give on their full day. I know I don't. Please don't be discouraged or guilty, just keep doing what you are doing. God will take your little loaves and fishes and multiply it. You are not in charge of finding families, HE is, so please keep at what you are doing. You don't see how amazing you are, but it is very evident from the outside. Prayers for you and the children.


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