Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crying an Ocean

I admit it.  I am Discouraged. Disheartened.  Dismayed. 

I am weary beyond words to see children slip over the wall into the world of Mental Institutes.

I am especially weary when I discover that those children have slipped into Aaron's old institute.

I want to cry out against the injustice.  The wrongness of sending little children into a world where NOTHING awaits them.

I want to cry an ocean for little boys who are forced to leave the safely of their baby houses.  Where they are taken away from all that they have known in their lives.

Oh Alexei..... I am so sorry that you are now a LOST BOY.


I am crying an ocean for you little man.

Crying an Ocean.


  1. We are crying too. We're so sorry. But we'll never stop praying.

  2. Crying an ocean could not describe my feelings more perfectly. I appreciate your advice to donate to Harvest Int'l. I am still a wreck inside wondering what MORE can be done. Thoughts of these boys, Heath, Brody, Alexei, haunt me daily and I can only pray that each one has an Angel keeping them company, loving them and telling them that there is someone above who loves them unconditionally.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!