Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Final Stretch

Only a few more days and this little guy is going to meet his Mama and Papa.

It has been a roller coaster ride for his parents.  

They have had to stay a course that has taken so many side roads that hanging on to their hats has been difficult.  When we first yelled for Porter we thought we had more pictures of him and were yelling for him based on pictures that ended up NOT being Porter.  

That was a bit gut-wrenching for the Eriksons because after the mistake was realized.. they were left with this one picture and no one ever having seen their little guy.  

We also thought Porter was in Aaron's institute.  That fact was based on the information received that Porter  had been sent to Aaron's village. 

It NEVER made sense to us why Porter was sent to a stage four mental institute when he was not outwardly physically disabled or mentally disabled.  I agonized over his being sent there and worried that it was going to be a new trend.  It did NOT dawn on us that Porter would have been sent to the OTHER internat in that village.  Why I did not consider that possibility is beyond me because Rob and I SAW that internat.  We KNEW it was there.  Our driver slept there when he needed to stay overnight in the village.  It should have been the FIRST place we thought about when we heard he was transferred but it totally didn't cross our minds.  Few know about that internat and since Aaron was the first child adopted out of the village... well.... nobody put two and two together.


Porter is NOT at the mental institute.  We have no real idea what the internat is like because we never went inside so we don't know in what condition he is in.   We do know that ministry teams HAVE been in that internat and are able to minister to the children there.  The Eriksons still have to go to the no-hotel, no-real-restaurant village.  They still are going to be out in the middle of nowhere.  But Porter is NOT at the mental institute.  And I PRAISE GOD for that!!  

And they too are rejoicing.

Rejoicing as they get down to the final stretch.  They are leaving in less than two weeks.  They are going to carry pictures of Aaron with them so that they can give them to his old director.  We are PRAYING AND PRAYING SOME MORE that she would be OPEN to adoption for MORE of her boys.  PLEASE PLEASE PRAY that contact would be made and that her heart would be softened.  There are boys there that we KNOW are available but walls have been hit in trying to get their information so we can holler for them.  God is opening some doors already and when I can share I will be screaming at the top of my lungs.  PLEASE PRAY.  I'm praying BOLDLY that the director will allow updated pictures of Heath and Hanson and Sasha to be taken.  PLEASE PRAY!!  Pray boldly with me!!

Pray too that the Eriksons would make inroads at the internat.  Pray that doors would be flung open there too.  God is doing a NEW THING in that village.  Our prayers are NOT in vain.  

The Eriksons are in the final stretch and they are still in need of a few thousand to be fully funded.

They have been offered a $1,000 matching grant and still need around $400.00 to have that matched.  

Would you consider helping them? My heart is tied up with Porter and his family.  I am going to be weeping as they cross that ocean and venture into that village.  It has been two years yet grief still overwhelms me for the Lost Boys we left behind.  I have such hope for this journey that God is going to move some mighty mountains not only for Porter but for so many other children in that village.  

If you feel led - Please drop some money in the Eriksons bucket as they enter this final stretch. They need around $1,800 to be FULLY FUNDED (if they get the 1,000 matching grant) so please... give generously!  


Pray Porter Home!


  1. You have such a good heart. I may not always be able to give or advocate, but I pray for the children every day. I also pray for advocates like you who do a tireless and sometimes thankless job which can be disheartening. Please know, you are being prayed for too.


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