Saturday, December 29, 2012

First Two Winners

Woo Hoo.... TEN HAVE JUMPED.....

113 TO GO....

$25 Anywhere Gift card - Debra (donated to Veronika)
50.00 Anywhere card - Nakia Brice
25.00 Anywhere card
25.00 Anywhere card
20.00 Target card
Two 10.00 Memoria Press gift cards
50.00 Reward Yourself Gift card
25.00 Barnes and Nobles Gift card
50.00 Kohl’s card
10.00 Starbucks card
Two 5.00 Sonic cards
10.00 iTunes and 5.00 Best Buy cards
10.00 iTunes card
25.00 Michaels card
$50 Barnes & Noble card
$50 Target card
$50 Gap card
$20 Starbucks card
$25 Cheesecake Factory card
$25 Olive Garden card
$50 Visa card
$50 American Express card
$25 Old Navy/GAP/Banana Republic gift card
$50 Outback Steakhouse card


Winners please e-mail me your address....


  1. Can you give Nakia my email? I have alexander's angel tree ornament and I really want to know how he's doing!!!!

  2. Just gave $25 in AT dollars to Channah! What a beautiful smile!

  3. I donated $40 to Addison.
    Debbie Marks

  4. Just donated $35.00 to Kristie!

  5. Julia,

    My name is Tara Gorumba. I donated $15 to Corinne 15H and $5 to Kristie.

  6. I was so sad about the adoption ban, and wondering how any good could come of it. I felt like the Lord reminded me of Joseph telling his brothers that they meant their actions for evil, but God meant it for good. I'm trusting that God can work for good, even this thing that seems so evil. Thank you, for sharing your heart for these precious children. $10 each to Tyler, Riley, Levi, and Annalisa. Jessica Borges

  7. Donated 55 dollars total divided between the 11 children still at 505 and Celebrating Morgan over the wall!! Shared on facebook too. Thank you for sharing your story so boldly. Praying for hearts to be opened.
    Karla Hornstra Akwa

  8. $100 to Kristie. Thanks,
    Megan Dowdle

  9. I donated $25 to Kristie and in a few months my husband's company will donate $25 more. We were trying to adopt an older child so I really hope someone will find it in their hearts to adopt her.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!