Saturday, December 29, 2012

NOT the Final Word

Why do I care about the 200+ kids on the Angel Tree?
Elden 14G
I mean what difference does it make whether they have 765 or 1,000 in their grant accounts??
There isn't anything magical about 1,000.... 
Addison 23HA
Why does it matter to me?
I'll tell you why I care.
I'll tell you why I am passionate about the babes on that tree.
Oscar 15H Trinity 23 Alicia
A little over three years ago special needs adoptions was not on our radar.  We admired greatly those who were willing to make that sacrifice, but for us... Well, we would only consider adopting a child who was perfectly intact... thank you very much!!!
I'm ashamed to write that.
I'm ashamed to admit that we were that close-minded.
But it is the truth.
When we stumbled upon Reece's Rainbow we were thrilled to know that there was a ministry out there that cared about the least of the least but again.... we were not open to adopting any of the children....
For Christmas that year I picked two little boys off the Angel Tree.  Emory, who is now home and Artem who has a family coming but who is in Rus*ia and oh my heart.......
I made donations for the boys in honor of some family members and felt quite proud of myself for supporting such a noble ministry.
After Christmas I went to check on their accounts... While I was checking I began to look at the rest of the website....
And well....
The rest is history.....
Three Christmas' ago God used the babes on the Angel Tree to draw our hearts towards Aaron.
How can I NOT YELL?  How?
Tell me.
We are not alone.  I would venture to say that at least half of the 900+ children who have been found on Reece's Rainbow can be traced back to the Angel Tree.  I know this because I have heard story after story from different RR families that match ours. 
To me - it isn't about the money.  IT IS ABOUT EXPOSURE.  It is getting the babes SEEN.  It is a way to open hearts and minds.  It is a door that God uses to draw families to children who are desperate for them.
Every single babe on the tree matters and those not on the tree matter too.  As people learn about the Angel Tree they are then compelled, as we were, to LOOK AND SEE THE OTHER CHILDREN.
Yesterday a bill was signed that closed the door on adoptions out of Rus*ia.
I watched and read and prayed and cried.  It was hard all day not to want to just break into all out sobs over that vote.
But throughout the day I began to see God's hand quietly moving....
First came this....  An amendment from Robert Shlegel (a deputy from the United Rus*ia party) was submitted to try to make exceptions for disabled children. 
That would allow adoptions for the special needs babes.  It would have to pass the lower and upper houses and Putin would have to sign it but it is a ray of hope!!  It would mean that the Reece's Rainbow babes would again be available for adoption!! 
 Then I found out our state department is doing everything it can to help the 46 families who have passed court to be able to bring their babes home. They are also working to help all the other families who are in various stages of the process.  The families are so not alone.   They have huge heart-stopping mountains to climb but they have some hope.
Finally came the News Reports.... National and International. 
The ban was making front-line news and guess what little tiny ministry was being mentioned in many of the news reports.
Reece's Rainbow.
 We pray and ask God to do what WE think is the best. 
God ALWAYS answers but often His answers take us down roads and alleys that we would never ever have traveled in a million years. 
I'm seeing this happen as I watch and read and whisper prayers for our babies. We care so much about them. God cares more. And His response is so much bigger than what we could ever ask or imagine. 
Consider how many people who hadn't really thought about adoption - how many are now thinking and wondering and mourning as they read the news and follow the stories. The awareness raised in the last few days for the hundreds of thousands of Rus*ian orphans is beyond comprehension. And hanging onto the coattails of this story is a little ministry called Reece's Rainbow. It is making news today in a way that we could never have orchestrated. 
It is God at work people. God at work in the midst of tragedy and sorrow. We grieve with the families and we plead before the throne for the babes but we also watch in awe and wonder at how God weaves His story. 
He's got this. It may take time and a lot of tears may be shed but He's not finished. 
Putin's signature is NOT the final word.
I pray with all my heart that the special needs babes will be added to the amendment but I am also begging God for the thousands upon thousands of other orphans over there.  They need us to be their voice too. 
They cannot be left behind!!!!
Keep begging with me.
Pray because prayer works.  It matters that we pray. 
Sophia K. Damon 9HA Darryl 15H
Don't give up on the Rus*ian babes on Reece's Rainbow.  Don't stop donating to their grant accounts.  Don't stop sharing their stories.  Keep pressing on. 
Only five babes made it over the wall yesterday.  We have three days left and we still have 118 babes to get to 1,000.  I still have 24 Gift Cards to Giveaway.
Darby Irina 26HA Brandon (29)
Please.... pray with me and stand with me. 
Every single one matters.
Melissa M.      Rosemary M.     Elaine L.  Melissa M.   Jennifer R.   Kelly M.   Cheryl S.  Stacy A.  Kerri H.  Brooke K.   Nicole N.   Debra
I have TWENTY FOUR Gift cards!

There are currently 118 babes on the Angel Tree who have not made it to the 1,000 wall.

Every single time 10 children go over the wall.... I am going to be giving away TWO Gift cards.

$25 Anywhere Gift card
50.00 Anywhere card
25.00 Anywhere card
25.00 Anywhere card
20.00 Target card
Two 10.00 Memoria Press gift cards
50.00 Reward Yourself Gift card
25.00 Barnes and Nobles Gift card
50.00 Kohl’s card
10.00 Starbucks card
Two 5.00 Sonic cards
10.00 iTunes and 5.00 Best Buy cards
10.00 iTunes card
25.00 Michaels card
$50 Barnes & Noble card
$50 Target card
$50 Gap card
$20 Starbucks card
$25 Cheesecake Factory card
$25 Olive Garden card
$50 Visa card
$50 American Express card
$25 Old Navy/GAP/Banana Republic gift card
$50 Outback Steakhouse card
How do you enter?

Just donate to a child who is UNDER 1,000 on the Angel Tree.
Every five dollars gets you an entry. Every child gets you an entry.
(ie. 50.00 to 5 children = 10 entries + 5 entries = 15 entries)

If you share you get another entry!



We are donating to ALL the children regardless of country. We are believing that the doors that just closed will open again.... We are donating because families from OTHER countries can STILL adopt where doors have just closed.


Leave a comment with your FIRST and LAST name - what children you donated to and how much!! I will not post if you request me to keep the information private!




  1. Virginia Miner-- I donated $35 to Rose, and $35 to Abraham.
    I am praying for those Russian orphans!

  2. I gave $20 to Amanda 26HA this morning. She was at the bottom of the tree and I love her. She's going to light up a whole family's world, one day. We found RR during Angel Tree two years ago. Look what God has done in two years for our family! Simply amazed and blessed to be walking this path with people like you :)

  3. Donated $35 to Channah.

    Miranda Lewis

  4. I donated 35.00 to Novella!!! Beautiful little girl!!

  5. Not sure if this posts my first and last name...

    Roberta Fanelli

    Thank You!!!

  6. $15 spread out over many kiddos, put me down for 3 kids. Thanks for continuing to advocate for the R. kids. God reigns, regardless of the decisions of politicians!

  7. I donated $5 to Channah and shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  8. I gave $5 to Jay Lynn and shared on Facebook. :D Love to picture of Aaron in his hat!! Frankie Miller

  9. I just gave $10 to Owen! -Toby Ward

  10. just gave $5 to Corrinne at 15h and blogged and shared! love you my gorgeous friend x

  11. Thank you for this much loved information! I was just praying about this last night...that the SN kids would be able to be spared; at least those who are committed to already. Will keep praying!! :)

    Elk Grove, CA


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