Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Company

You know I have been part of the Reece's Rainbow community for over three years now. 
There is a Facebook group that I am part of where all the crazy RR people hang out.  They are truly crazy.  It is a group of about 2,000 strong people who seriously love orphans and care about the families.  It is open to anyone who wants to shout and yell for the least of these.  They are crazy and since I am crazy.... they make good company!!
You want to know why I love that group so much??
Because despite the fact that many of them are adopting families who are scraping pennies together to raise money for their adoptions, despite the fact that many are living on a tight budget, despite the fact that many of them are college students or single women working low-paying jobs, despite the fact that many of them have husbands in the military and they are holding the fort down at home, despite the fact that many are walking through valleys of grief and sorrow in their own personal lives... despite all that....
Case in point.
In the last 48 hours it was discovered that a family had been scammed by a troll.
They were offered a grant that wasn't.
Money they were counting on was not given.
The person that did it is a known troll who preys on families.
They didn't know and were deeply hurt.
When the RR group found out they started hollering and yelling in the group.  Everyone started cleaning out their drawers and emptying their pockets because a family was hurting and in need.  Understand.... the people in that group give and give and give and give.  Yet it doesn't stop them.  They are seriously crazy for the orphan!!
I've been quiet and trying my very very hardest to keep from begging for money on this blog but dang it.... I'm part of that crazy RR Group and I cannot sit here and not take part.
And it would not be fair to not let you know that a family who is going to adopt these two babes...
 and Braska
has been hurt deeply.
This family has already passed court and all that is left is for them to go get them.  But they haven't raised the ramson yet.  They need $20,595 to be fully funded.
They have 10,665 in their grant account.
They thought they were getting 2,500 more but that money is not coming.
On top of that their blog has been hit with the nastiest of comments.

Really mean stuff.
I seriously don't understand people!!
Well..... the RR community isn't going to let a bunch of trolls steal this family's joy.
I'm not either. 
Want to help? Want to be crazy for the orphan?
Only money stands in the way for these babes to get out of their cribs and home.
Only money.
 You'll be in Good Company if you do!!!
 And while you are cleaning out your drawers...


I cannot even put into words right now what I feel about all of this.  My prayers are less words and more tears and groans at this point. Three of our RR babes have gotten out since the ban and we rejoice greatly that they were able to cross the ocean to this side. 


But there are way too many more over there who need out.

Families caught in absolute limbo.

Children believing that their Mamas and Papas are coming for them.

Babes who were on the edge of transfer who were being held because a family was coming.

My heart hurts.

Hundreds of thousands of children.

It hurts.

But we are not without hope.

The cries of the oppressed are not being ignored by the Lord of Hosts. 

He heard their whimpers long before any of us even knew they were making sound. And slowly but surely he has been calling His church - US - to care - to pray - to move - to act - to adopt - to advocate. One by one God has been calling us for just this point in time!!! 

Our eyes have been opened and our hearts have been broken. We kneel before the throne together begging for the children who HE CALLED US TO LOVE. 

We aren't here apart from Him. 

We are NOT HERE apart from Him.

We would not even know about the orphan situation apart from God being the one who has opened up our eyes.

This is HIS battle and HE IS GOING TO WIN. I take courage in that truth. My job - our job - is to just stand and fight. Against all the odds. Despite how desperately awful it looks from all angles. In spite of the score. We just have to stand and fight. 

Prayer is our greatest weapon.

I'm using it.  Groaning daily before the throne for the children that He has placed on my heart.  Groan with me.  Keep praying beside me. 

Just keep praying church.

Just keep praying!



  1. Thank you for raising awareness for this family. While 2013 is the year for my family and I to get back to living frugally, my heart broke for this family, especially after reading a couple.of their blog posts. My donation wasn't much, but hopefully it will be the beginning of a butterfly effect.

  2. Love your post!
    RR people are wonderful compagny indeed!

  3. Thanks Julia!! So glad I am part of the RR family...the people that I have never ever even met are the ones that I love to talk to each day via our FB group. You are right. They are CRAZY. And I love it. The compassion, excitement, and support is unbelievable. I am 43 and I have never ever been part of a group that I love more and enjoy more than all the crazies on RR.

  4. I am proud and Blessed to be a part of the RR group! My heart has been so moved by Denise and how she always rally's around other families who need help. I have donated and donated an item to her adoption in an online auction. What many don't know is that these little twins have Cystic Fibrosis. Both of them! There is no cure and it is life threatening without proper medications and treatments. Winter is especially hard on their lungs and sadly, many children with CF die from illnesses in the cold months. It is crucial to get these little ones Home. Thanks for sharing their story! Hugs ~ Jo

  5. I don't have much to donate but did what I could. I pray they are able to raise the remaining funds very soon and go get those babies!

  6. Done! Thank you for shouting out for these orphans! May God bless you and yours!!! Lori

  7. Glad to give to these two in need - thanks for advocating for this family. I will give to those who need to travel now. When the Lord opens up the door for us to go to Russia then I know He will provide for us too.

    All in His time.

    Keep shouting for the children - Pray that they may go home to the love and care they need to survive.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!