Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just in the Nick of Time

Just about a year ago I wrote THIS POST
It was a Fatherless Friday post and it featured six children.
Six orphans. 
Six older and hard to adopt orphans.
It was the first time I introduced this child.
A young, beautiful girl who was close to turning 16 and heading straight for an adult mental institute.
From that point on we began to yell.  And scream.  And pray.  And raise money.  And pray some more.
She was included in our Mulligan Stew. 
Her picture went out everywhere. 
And on the last day of the Mulligan Stew... On the last day when we were watching money pour in for all our orphans and families....
On that day a lady in Indiana was sitting at her computer at 11:30 at night with her husband next to her.  She started reading on the internet and stumbled.... in a God-ordained stumble... onto a blog ... where a dear friend (Susanna Musser who I am going to see next week) had written about Laurel.  And she broke down and wept.  And her husband sitting beside her asked her what was wrong.  With tears pouring down her face she told her about our Laurel.  And he got up ... left the room ... went outside.  And prayed.  And prayed.  And GOD SPOKE.  And he came back inside and together - that night... ON OUR LAST NIGHT OF THE MULLIGAN STEW... They committed to bring home OUR LAUREL!
And on Monday I got to meet her.
Our Laurel Alexandra
And I cried.
And so did her Mama from Indiana.
Oh what joy to see her.  To hug her.  To plant kisses on her cheeks and whisper love into her ears and to hear her tell me she loved me too.
Ransomed because you helped pay the fee. 
Rescued from transfer that was only WEEKS AWAY.  She was scheduled to be transferred AS.SOON.AS.SHE.TURNED.16.
They got her out just in the nick of time.
It was pure joy to see her.
She is doing amazingly well.  Her English blows me away.  She is funny....
 and sweet....
The doctors at Shriners are convinced she will be able to walk.  The treatment is not easy but she is handling it with grace and courage!!!
But that is not all because on Monday... while I was with Laurel...
Another one of our Mulligan Stew babes became a son!!
He was in that same post of six orphans.
And on Monday he was named Joseph Igor Patterson.
Because they are still in their 10 day wait and because there have been issues surrounding his adoption (they almost didn't get him) - I can't freely share pictures of him but I can jump up and down and praise God because Igor is getting out soon!!
Of the six children in that post almost a year ago....
Only Emmitt is left.
He turns 16 exactly a year from now. 
12 months.
That is all he has left to find a family.
We cannot leave him behind!
We cannot.


  1. I'm crying! Welcome home Alexandra!!!! And that God let you meet her-the final link in the bond He you with her... He rewards His ervants, that's all I can say. Thank you Lord!!!!!! Love -kelly

  2. So cool. I love that you get to meet so many of the kids!

  3. We were so blessed to meet you and sweet Aaron... Thank you for loving our girl!!! :). We can't wait to see you again!!!

  4. Wow!!! That's amazing... so cool. What a beautiful girl - such a lovely smile. I am so thrilled to hear Laurel and Igor's story. It was also great to read your post the other day about the Heim Family being in country. Thank you so much for sharing.

    ON, Canada

  5. Wonderful! Such a joy to see these children join their family!
    Praying hard for sweet precious Emmitt.

    Beautiful blog by the way. Keep up the good work!

  6. Alexandra is breathtakingly gorgeous!

    I have been praying for Emmitt for months now and will yell and scream for him! (A quick update on Jensen, who I emailed you about....they cannot find him on the shared list...and we're praying that means he's got a family coming for him!)

  7. I met Alexandra this weekend, too. What a beautiful and sweet young lady! Her independence and persistence is an inspiration for my little one, who is already living with me but won't fully adopted until December.

  8. How wonderful to see Alexandra! And to see pics of her & Aaron together! I cannot believe Emmitt is still waiting (it's so hard for me to trust the Lord's timing...) What rich blessings God has showered on you by having you meet so many of the sweethearts & their new families.

  9. Oh! I am so excited about Laurel! :) Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. I weep for Emmitt frequently. I just don't understand why know one has stepped forward. Look at his face...he is just so handsome. I pray that someone will get him in time.

    The pictures of Alexandra and amazing. She is such a beauty.

  11. LOVED seeing get to see so many kiddos...I know it does your heart good and I have to say I am jealous (but, I know it is not without a price also...the long trips to Shriner's)...seeing those kids just warms my heart!!!

  12. Alexandra is so so beautiful. Wow! That is a love story.

    I wish someone would go get Emmitt. He looks like a thinker, someone who could hold an interesting conversation. I bet he has a lot to give to a family. Praying!

  13. Alexandra is beautiful. I will pray that a family will find Emmitt soon.
    P.S. Love reading your blog and I'm not far from you in VA!

  14. Thats so neat! She is such a beautiful sweet girl :)

  15. Julia thank you for all you have done for so many children. Your blog is wonderful. I am the proud aunt of Joseph Igor Patterson and can't wait to have him home.


  16. Oh my God is so good! Praying for Emmitt's family and trusting that they are out there and will step forward asap!

  17. How awesome that you got to meet Alexandra! I was blessed to have met her in Ukraine and am so happy to hear how wonderful she is doing!!!

  18. Julia, thank you so much for the work you do everyday to find families for so many children. I love Igor and at one time thought maybe he was meant for our family. I am so, so happy to know he is close to being home with the family that is truly his. Will you please post a picture when he comes home. I would love that. Alexandra is beautiful. What a wonderful story.

  19. Tears of joy and praise for Alexandra and Igor. More prayers for Emmett!


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