Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Room

Did you see?
I know them.
I was privileged to meet them back in October at the Richmond Buddy Walk.  Their hearts had just recently been broken towards adoption because of the yelling of a friend of theirs who was NOT adopting but who WAS yelling for the RR babes.
After their hearts were broken, the Deutsch's realized that the Lord was calling them to adopt.
They didn't have a particular child in mind...
They didn't base their decision on the prettiest picture or the easiest country.
Their decision was based on what children were going to age out the soonest.
They chose two in the hardest of countries... They began the process... got all the way to having their dossier submitted...
And then that country closed... and their hearts broke.
After much praying and considering and committing themselves to pursuing those two IF the door opened again ... They decided to move in another direction.  Because their goal was to provide a home for those in the greatest danger of aging out - they switched their paperwork to a country that is open to adoption. 
Estelle was at the top of the list.
The Deutsch family is going to get her.
Knowing what I know about them... I would NOT be surprised at all if in the end they had another one tucked in their suitcase too...
No NO NO!!! We are not dropping Estelle from our stew list... instead we are inviting the Deutsch family to feast with us!!
Pull up some chairs Deutsch family!!
We cannot wait to support you in your journey...
There is another Virginia family who is also going to be sitting at our table.
They live about 40 minutes from us.
They adopted their first little one around the same time we brought Aaron home.
Then, last summer they hosted a little boy and after spending the summer with him decided he was their son.
In December they hosted him again... this time with his brother.
They fell in love again.
Now they needed to adopt two brothers...
Oops... Actually THREE brothers...
Don't forget the baby!!
Four brothers.
Yes - there are FOUR boys in the same family and the Johnsons are going to ADOPT THEM ALL!!
Three of the boys are at the same internat..
Their littlest brother is at a baby house and they have never ever met him.
Our table most definitely has room for four orphaned boys and a family with a BIG heart!!
So Johnson family.... grab some chairs and join in!
Our stew is at simmering stage....
We are going to start serving soon...
There are two more families who still need invitations...
Stay tuned....





  1. Thank you Julia! I am just realizing I will need to change my username to something like Mama of 7...

  2. Julia,
    Your posts always make me cry. Sometimes it is happy tears (like today) and sometimes it is gut wrenching (I don't want to look, but I can't undo what I have seen tears). Regardless, keep up the good work. And God bless these beautiful families that are saving lives!

  3. Love these picks Julia! I stumbled upon the Johnson's blog some time ago. Wow. They inspire me just like the Heim family. I'm looking foward to these children and all the featured families being blessed by your readers!

    Every time I read about a family who had the door closed while they were in process and they say that they are choosing another child, but will go back for the other child(ren) if the door reopens, I get a lump in my throat. Those kids are not forgotten and so wanted!


  4. What an honor to be able to follow the journeys of these precious children and their beautiful families! Thanks for allowing us to travel alongside them, Julia! -Angela

  5. Thank you so much Julia for your continued support of our family as we try again to take another child or two into our family. Your faithful crying out for these children is inspiring.

  6. I am so incredibly thrilled and thankful to welcome Estelle into our family... :) :) :)

  7. OHHH, I love the Deutsch family! I've met them several times at HEAV, and the girls and I keep up online :) My heart broke for them when the doors closed on their little ones…but I'm so thankful that they want to bring Estelle home! Yay! Prayers and love for them!

  8. All of these families are amazing! God bless you and all of them for what you do for these children. Adopting 4 precious boys at once is phenomenal. What a gift it will be for those boys to be able to share the rest of their lives as brothers and with a loving family. God is truly working through all of you.

  9. Thank you, Ms. Julia! Your support, prayers, and shouts fill us with so much joy!
    Thanks Liza! Love you too!

    That's wonderful to hear about the Johnson family. May God make their paths clear for this journey.


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