Monday, May 27, 2013

I Am Grateful

I am grateful that I am home.
I am grateful that our littlest has a temporary cast on his arm compliments of our family practitioner.
I am grateful that in the last week we have e-mailed both of Aaron's doctors at Shriners and BOTH DOCTORS e-mailed us back.  Several times.  That means the world to us.  Aaron's arm doctor is ON VACATION.  Yet he still took the time to e-mail us and reassure us that he will take care of our boy. 
We are traveling to Shriners on Wednesday.  We aren't sure when they will fix his arm or exactly how they will do it.  But I am grateful they are going to take care of him.
I'm grateful that the day before Aaron fell he had a blast at his school's field day.
I'm grateful that he was able to ride his bike with his friends.
I am VERY VERY GRATEFUL that at my BiblioPlan booth I was visited by some very special Reece's Rainbow babes. 
Last year I did a shout out for them as they had just come home from adopting sweet Emma....
And were crossing the ocean to bring these three home too...
I am grateful that YOU HELPED BRING THOSE BABES HOME!! Your donations mattered so much!!


Oh my goodness I was blessed and blessed and blessed and blessed....


In the midst of broken arms and locked knees and crazy schedules and utter exhaustion....
I am grateful!!
Thank you Renee and Alan for blessing me on Saturday!!
When they left our booth on Saturday... my helper and I stood there wiping away tears from our eyes.
I am most definitely grateful.


  1. Beautiful blessings! So glad you got to meet them!

  2. wiping tears from my eyes, too. so thankful these little ones are home. thank you for shouting! praying for your aaron and asking wisdom and insight for his doctors.

  3. I really hope that your sweet Aaron will get the help he needs for his arm soon! Poor sweet brave boy!

    And thank you for sharing a little bit of news about Emma and her siblings! I always enjoyed reading Renee's blog before it went private. She always wrote in a way that touched me deeply and I gained so much knowledge from her. Thank you for sharing pictures! I am so happy that they are doing well. Please tell Renee that she is missed :-).
    /Milena from Sweden, unable to log in to google right now

  4. I am grateful!!! I have been dying to know how sweet Emma was doing since her mommy's blog went private. Oh glory! Tears of joy. I am so happy to hear that Aaron is doing ok!!! Bless his precious heart. I'm so thankful he has wonderful doctors.

  5. Wow- love seeing this four-some! I am thrilled about Emma's walking skills. Renee's story about Emma's amazing progress made me think that maybe we too could adopt a child with similar disabilities. I miss her blog. Thanks for posting about *all* our favorite kids!!

  6. Awesome! It's wonderful to see updated pictures of these kids, and to see how well they are doing.

    I really enjoyed Renee's blog . . . and I have missed her. (When I first found it, about the time they brought Emma home, I went back to the very beginning, and read every single post.) I wish she'd resume!

    Kathy K
    Cleveland, TN

  7. Awww LOVE! Julia you look absolutely gorgeous! Wish I looked that good when I am stressed! LOL We are praying for Aaron and all of you!

  8. Thank you so much for the news!! AND for sharing Aaron's photo. I'll keep praying that his spirit won't get broken. And may God bless his amazing doctors!

  9. Ohh my God , I just can't believe it!!! DO you remember that a couple of days ago I was asking you for an update about this Kiddos??? DO you remember that I said that i was following their journey home but I lost track of them??
    And Look now !! Just what i needed and I was looking for!!! These happy and precious faces . I have no words right now!! Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,!!! We have an amazing God!!! You have no idea how much this means to me, and just to think that i thought that I would never know about them again.

    Hugs and kisses : Aury Rodríguez

  10. thanks for the update! will keep praying for aaron, for the doctors to have wisdom, and for healing.

    THRILLED to see those darling RR kiddos - i remember last summer when they were being picked up, one of the boys was not doing well at all. they look fantastic. so excited to see them home and loved on.

    speaking of which, any news on everett and olson??? i've been scouring the internet for updates on them. i don't believe they have made it home yet. i hope everything is ok with their to-be family. i recall how dire it was for everett last summer and have kept him (and olson) in my prayers and thoughts. thanks!

  11. Oh, PLEASE tell me their mama is going to start blogging again! She is a hero and a mover of mountains and a force of nature when it comes to orphan advocacy. I missed these sweet faces! Emma's progress is absolutely staggering -- my jaw dropped! She looks like a typical American girl!

  12. I am also so thrilled to see precious Emma walking and the huge smiles on her brothers' and sister's faces! To see them so healthy, happy and loved, brings tears to my eyes! Please share with Renee how much her blog is missed!
    Thank you for sharing the photos!
    I was so sad though to hear about Aaron's arm and I pray that it heals very soon!

  13. Thank you for the update!! I have checked their mommys blog several times but it's still private. I've wondered how they were doing and how they were growing!! They are all precious!
    I also follow Everett and Olsons mommas blog and know they were going private soon, hopefully that means they journey to get them is coming up soon! So exciting!!

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful time and I'm glad! Thank-you so much for posting the pics of Emma and her others said, I so very much enjoyed reading Renee's blog when it was not private. I don't know her (or you, LOL!) from a hole in the wall but still deeply appreciate(d) when your stories are/were shared.

  15. SO AWESOME to see these kiddos! I also followed Renee's blog until it went private. Her writing was so moving. I followed so many of the kids from Emma's orphanage as they made their way home. It's sad that some 'trolls' forced her to go private. I really think she touched a lot of people & inspired them to do what they can to help. I know she did for me. Prayers for Aaron as he recovers. Poor kiddo, he is warrior for sure.

  16. The pictures...oh how the pictures make me smile!

  17. I'm not sure if anyone will see this....but But By Grace blog is now back up :) With lots of pictures of our four sweetiepies. And I want to thank all of you for your kind comments!

  18. I saw it, Renee. (I'd subscribed to comments on this post, so got an e-mail notification of your post.) I just discovered this morning that you've renewed blogging! I haven't had time to "catch up" yet, as I had to leave at 8:30, but am looking forward to following your continuing journey!

    Thanks for re-starting your blog!

    Kathy K.


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