Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just Imagine

Imagine how you would feel if you went on vacation with your family.  You packed your bags and filled your car up with everything you would need for a wonderful week at the beach. 
 You drove all the way to the beach anticipating a fun-filled week relaxing at the shore.  Imagine how you would feel when you arrived at the beach and went into the hotel and pulled out your wallet and found only enough money to pay for ONE night. 
One night of vacation.
One night of fun.
Imagine telling your kids that they would have to go home the next day.
Can you imagine??
It's hard to imagine because who would be crazy enough to go on vacation without the money to pay for the trip?
You may be like us and live frugally - even on vacation - but you plan ahead and make sure that when you go away - you have enough.
Well let me tell you... I know some adopting families who are across the ocean or are almost across the ocean and who DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH.
It isn't because they didn't plan.  It isn't because they weren't paying attention.
Then why???
In a nutshell.... Adoption is crazy expensive.

Most people don't have 25,000 sitting in their bank accounts.
Some families bring home more than one child which adds thousands and thousands onto the already steep price tag.
Some families (OKAY - MANY OF THEM) have already adopted once before and are going back for more.  Their saving accounts are drained.  They have already sold everything not nailed down.
Not only that but...
Adoption has a timetable that does not necessarily make raising the funds needed humanly possible.
In Aaron's former country - special needs adoptions move very very fast.  You could commit to a child and be across the ocean in a matter of 4-6 months. 
I have friends who spend their entire year setting aside money for their yearly family vacation.  They put a little bit away each month to cover the 2-4 thousand dollar get-away.
Imagine trying to raise 25,000+ thousands of dollars in 6 months.
Unless you have a few yachts or a roomful of gold to sell it is not humanly possible.
There are families who are right now across the ocean who have not raised everything they need to come home.
They did everything they could to get their funds before leaving. 
They couldn't NOT go.  They HAD to go.  Their kids were over there.  So they flew on a plane hoping and praying that what was not humanly possible.... would be made possible by God.
Their wallets are empty.
They seriously need help.
These are the families who are THERE NOW.....
They are $1,961 short
Their grant account needs to read $16,300 to be fully funded.
Lisa is over there and HAS THE BOYS but is still short by almost $2,000.00.  Look at these boys and tell me you don't have a few dollars to help them get home!!!
They are 2,558.00 short.
Their grant account needs to read $16,500.00 to be fully funded.
Lisa has been sharing pictures of Darren with me in private..... I can't share them until after they have court but I am just rejoicing that he has a Mama who is going to love him to pieces!!!  We yelled for a family for Darren.  They are there.  Now let's get them home!
darrennov2011-5-cropped Lianne4-cropped
They are $2,054 short.
Their grant account needs to read $3,865 to be fully funded.
This family adopted two RR babes and now are getting another one!  They fundraised like crazy but still came up short.  They are not able to share pictures but from what I understand - this little guy is precious and very very smart!! 
They are $2,791 short
Their grant account needs to read $13,500 to be fully funded.
They sold their car, furniture and everything in their house that was not nailed down to get this babe.  They just left home and are going to meet her at the end of this week. Oh to be a fly on the wall when she realizes she has a family!!  Tears at the thought!
THESE ARE TWO FAMILIES WHO ARE LEAVING  VERY VERY SOON...Both of them are extremely short of funds. 
They are $16,939 short
Their FSP needs to read $21,000 to be fully funded.
This dear family was supposed to be helped in their fundraising by some people who made big promises but in the end - did not deliver.  Since then they have been scrambling hard to raise the funds.  They are BIG TIME short and are leaving on June 6.  THAT IS NEXT WEEK!!
They are $17,634 short.
 Their grant account needs to read $32,054 to be fully funded.
They are leaving in June!  The most recent picture they have of Jack is here.  He seriously needs for them to get him as soon as possible!  The price tag for getting both these boys is over $40,000.00.  They have been chipping away at that and many of you have helped and helped but we need to dig deep some more and get them funded!
Drop something in their accounts??
Would you PLEASE help them?
Imagine if you were them.  Imagine being in their shoes. 
Just Imagine.
We are leaving for Shriners tomorrow but I am going to be watching these grant accounts.  Praying.  Hoping that the financial burden would be eased. 


  1. There's currently an ipad mini (or or $330 priced prize) giveaway for Jon and Angela (adopting Jack and Jensen). For every $20 donated, a donor will get 1 entry (with the giveaway capped at 35 entries). To enter, they should send their receipt to thejessicarudder (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Thanks so much for all the work you do to help bring these orphans home to their forever families!

  2. Unexpectedly got amazon payment today so dropped it in someones bucket. Even though it's not much, every little bit helps.


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