Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mulligan Cupcakes

So I just have to share...
One of the prizes for our Mulligan Stew was a dozen cupcakes.
Well... the winners live out of the country which made shipping the cupcakes a bit out of the question.
So.... they asked the donor to gift the cupcakes to a worthy group - someone who gives of themselves for others....
The donor was happy to oblige...

Instead of one dozen cupcakes, she made two dozen and carried them to the local fire station.

How is that for precious precious??
Our gifts just keep on giving and giving....
The fire fighters wanted to say thank you!
Our Mulligan Stew continues to feed and bless beyond our wildest imaginations!
Thanks be to God.
I know I owe some Aaron updates.... I'm finding writing an update about my sweet boy rather difficult.  It's been a grueling 2 months.  Seeing him suffer has cut deep.  Getting how I feel into a blogpost is a little difficult right now.  Just know that he is the bravest of the brave.  He humbles me.  He makes me cry.  He endures living in a world where the list of things he can't do seems endless right now, yet he rarely complains and he often finds the silver lining where all I see is doom and gloom.
He's my hero!


  1. So sorry that Aaron is have a difficult time.....poor guy! Just doesn't seem fair. Sending thoughts and prayers his way!!

  2. SOO looking forward to the Aaron update ... even though it's been difficult recently. Would love to know how he is doing school-wise/academically. I know you've said in the past he's very good with math/building/engineering type stuff. How is he coming along in other areas? His smile just brightens up my day. Please give him some extra good loving and big squeeze-y hugs. :-)

  3. Oh that smile! Praying for him!

  4. Love you and love your boy!!!!!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!