Friday, May 3, 2013

One Hat


See the hat... the pants... the jacket...

Aaron wore those exact same clothes.

We actually were able to trade for one of those hats.  So Aaron would have ONE thing from the first six years of his life.

One lone hat.

In just a few weeks Alexei will be carried out of those gates forever.

He is going to be so LOVED in his forever family.

He won't care about keepsakes.

Getting smothered in kisses and non-stop laps to sit on and a Mama to tuck him in bed at night and a yard so he can run and play and lots of great food to eat and a Papa to toss him into the air...

Who cares about hats....

Just get me out of here!!!!!!

I don't have any words of wisdom today.

I went back a few days ago to my Christmas Angel posts.

Last Christmas I was yelling for SIX BOYS.
Six boys who had all  been transferred and were living in Mental Institutes.
Four of those boys have families.
Two are locked away in a country where the door has slammed shut.
I am no longer available for adoption...
My country closed its doors.
Please pray for me. 
Oh Sonny.... my heart is broken for you!!
I am no longer available for adoption...
I had a Mama who was starting the process to get me... It was a secret and couldn't be shared but now it doesn't matter because she is on the wrong side of the ocean and the door has been closed.
Please pray for me!!
Yegor... I am crying buckets for your loss!!
Our family found us and we are going to be brothers!!!
My family found me and they have already met me and they LOVE ME!! 
 I am going to be crossing the ocean soon!!
My family found me and are bringing me and Caesar home... we are going to be brothers...
Last year they brought home Sasha from the same institute...
 Six boys.
Two boys left behind.  Four found.
How can I begin to wrap my heart around those words?

And then there is Casey.
He is down to one month before he ages out.
Next month this precious little guy turns SIXTEEN.  He has spent his entire life locked away. 

He may be 16 but he is just a babe at heart...
Please... we cannot let Casey miss out on the joys of a loving family!

He has one month.
One month.


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