Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve - Angel Tree Dollars

Oh My Goodness Gracious.... The babes are moving up the Angel Tree quite nicely!!
With SO MANY on the tree this year you kind of wonder how we are ever going to get all of them to their $1,000 goal.   But they are moving and that is COOL to watch.  If you are looking for something FUN to do after Christmas - join in and watch the 200+ babes climb the Angel Tree. 
Leila (Asia) Jake
I've heard some say that they would rather donate to families adopting instead of to the waiting children because the need of the families is so great.
For me.... My heart is with the waiting children.  It is trench work.  It is harder.  It is a battle for each and every one.  But it is the essence of Reece's Rainbow.  Find the babes.  Advocate for them.  Raise their grant account.  Find them families. 
Here is the honest truth.
The price tag that comes with adoption scares off willing families time and time again. 
Waiting children are waiting too often because families don't have the funds needed to adopt them. 
Don't get me wrong.  We rally for the families all the time. 
On Sunday one of the Reece's Rainbow families was in desperate need.  They leave on Friday to get their son who is aging out at the end of the year. 
I'm in a group of RR warriors called the Anonymous Angels.  Okay.  Sharing that means I'm not anonymous anymore but this story is worth sharing!  We raise matching grants for families.  We pool our 5's, 10's, 20's together and offer families who are close to traveling and who are desperate in need, matching grants to give them a boost and to encourage them. 
We were taking a December break. 
A breather.
We've provided a whole lot of matching grants this past year!  Our pocket books are suffering BIG TIME because of it!
But last week the needs of this family came up and many of us were agonizing over how we could fill up their cup at the last hour.
So on Sunday the Anonymous Angel leaders asked us if we would be willing to do a last minute matching grant.  I saw the question early on Sunday morning and immediately responded with a LOUD YES.  DO IT.  So what if we are broke.  There is a boy who needs to come home.  Then I went to church.  Then I went to Elijah's show.  I was gone all day.  I checked e-mails once in a while and saw they were going for it.  I did a fist pump to myself and went about my day.  I would throw in our two bits when I got home. 
But I didn't have a chance. 
By the time I got home the matching grant of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS raised by NUMEROUS ANGELS had already been offered to the family and it was already being met.  My two bits went to helping MEET the grant!  Wow!  By Monday afternoon the entire amount was raised and the family was funded.
 That's cool.
Helping families out is amazing and wonderful and I am right there to do it.
But my heart..... It is with the waiting babes.
Rebecca (Asia)
If we don't give them a voice.
Then they lay silent in their cribs.
If we don't raise their grant accounts - then Papas will look at the price tag and turn away.
So this morning - Right before I wrote this post - I bought our ANGEL TREE dollars.
They are going in our stockings.
Tomorrow during our family Christmas time... between putting baby Jesus in the manger on our Advent Calendar, reading the Bible story and opening presents... we will each pick an Angel Tree babe and donate money into his/her account.
Trench work.
Bryannah #8-3 Vance (2001)
So very worth it.
Hard.  Heartbreaking.  Exhausting.
Andrew (Asia) Samuel 3-2
But so very worth it.
Ruslan Hale
Join in.
If there is still room in your child's stocking... consider adding in Angel Tree dollars. 
And after Christmas, join in as we shout for the 200+ babes to find families.
It's trench work.
But they are worth it!
Laura Bryce
Brooke K, Molly, Jennifer, Anna H. and Sheri - You each won a bag of candy!!  E-mail me at covenantb@yahoo.com

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