Monday, December 23, 2013

They Are Not Home

I watched this video on Friday morning.  In the quiet of my office.  With my littlest sleeping upstairs in his bed.  I watched with tears trickling down my cheeks. 
I watched and grieved.
I watched and prayed.
Over 25 families are featured on this video.  Over 25 families who crossed the ocean and met their child.  Over 25 families who whispered love into their ears.  Promises that they would return.  Promises that soon.  Soon.  Mama and Papa would be back to take them home forever. 
Over 25 families expected that this Christmas would find their babes safely tucked in their beds on Christmas Eve. 
They are not home.
They are not home.

I watched this video and I wept for those 25+ families.  I watched knowing that for them - Christmas brings a deep sorrow - an emptiness.  Their babes are across the ocean. 
They are not home.
On December 28, 2012, the doors closed to adoption in Rus*ia. 
My littlest is tucked safely in his bed as I write this post.
Their little ones are sitting in baby houses, mental institutes or internats.
Locked away.
Please.  Watch the video.  Watch and pray.  Cry.  Grieve. 
These families need us to continue to stand with them.  Pray with them.  Their grief is real.  They HELD these children.  They kissed them.  They whispered promises in their ears.  They claimed them as their sons and daughters.  You cannot watch that video and not cry.  You cannot.  Knowing that every single child on there is stuck on the wrong side of the world.  Knowing that every single family is grieving right now as the anniversary of their loss comes up. 
Please watch.  Please cry.
Let your hearts be broken for the broken things in this world.
None of them are home.
They are not home.



  2. It means a lot to us that you shared our video. Thank you all for your continued prayers. We want the children to know they have not been forgotten.

  3. Cannot NOT cry. Cannot! praying!!

  4. Please don't forget the families and children who are still waiting to hold their children for the first time. Days from travel, but chosen, and wanted. Come quickly, Lord.

  5. This was a beautiful tribute. My heart goes out to all the families and to sweet Elden and Emily 15H who are there and may never have a chance to be chosen.

    Sue H.


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