Thursday, March 13, 2014

Into the War Zone

Two families.

This week.

Desperate for your prayers.

Both have passed court.
Both had to come home and wait out the 10 days.

Both are in the process of going back. Entering a part of the land where soldiers watch with accusing eyes.

Going back to rescue two children.

An older boy and a wee one.
                                               Emir                                                   Sergey
                                            (Rowes)                                               (Harlin)
Two families.
The Rowes and the Harlins
Into the war zone.
The Rowes are there now (Janice and oldest son Evan).  Emir is officially out of the internat and as I write is on his way to meet them.  They have paperwork to get through before they can leave that area.  Please pray God's protection around them. Stories that include soldiers and German Shepherd dogs and guns make my skin crawl.  PLEASE PRAY!!
And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Pray for the Harlins!
I feel badly because I have been asking you to pray and support the Rowes but I missed the Harlin's story.  You need to KNOW this story too!  Brian Harlin (PAPA) went over to adopt two little boys in two different regions about a month ago.  Sergey is in the peninsula war zone region where they are voting on a referendum this weekend about splitting off and becoming part of Rus*ia. THAT WAR ZONE. (Same place as the Rowes).  Crosby is in a nearby region.  Despite the craziness in the peninsula region, they did have court for Sergey (who is medically fragile and needs to get out YESTERDAY).  
They were supposed to have court for Crosby but each time they received a court date it was canceled.  So they still HAVE NOT HAD COURT for him. 
He's just a wee little lad with Down Syndrome with the whitest hair and the cutest little smile.
It's a HARD situation.
One medically fragile little boy in a BAD area and one sweet little guy who learned to sit up after three days of loving from his Papa.  Love transforms, people.  It transforms. He is going to blossom once he gets home but he still needs court and then most likely another 10 day wait.
The Harlins are trying to take it one step at time.  Brian and Natalie (daughter) fly in THIS WEEKEND to get Sergey out which is going to be a challenge all on its own.  Oh please pray that they can get in and out of that area safely and that NOTHING stands in their way.  The referendum is MARCH 16.  This weekend.  With soldiers everywhere and guns and dogs and angry looking men.  Pray protection around them and around Sergey.  He is six and weighs 25 lbs. 
Then pray for court for Crosby.  They need court NEXT WEEK!!  PLEASE PRAY!
It is crazy hard!
We need to strap on our knee pads for them.
For both families!
For the Rowes.  For the Harlins.
And between your prayers for both families... Will you consider helping the Harlins financially? They were not fully funded before this started.  They are short by thousands of dollars.  They have had to take out a MASSIVE loan for these adoptions.  I know that every single donation would be greatly appreciated by them.  It saddens me greatly to read on their blog that they have had a hard time getting support.  Even from their church!  Please help me change that.  Dimes, quarters, dollars and hundreds are all being gladly accept!!
And rejoice....
And.... for those who missed the news...
Murray and Anthony are going to be brothers!!
Murray (2) 30728131651

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  1. I have some good friends who are heading to Crimea on Saturday for a boy who turns 17 the day they have their SDA appointment. I met them through hosting. Their story is amazing. Pray for them too!


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