Sunday, March 16, 2014

Despite the Evil

Two handsome young men hanging out together in the capital....
Just an ordinary picture until you consider the extraordinary story....
Emir is out. Safe from harm.  He's left the war zone and by the end of this week will be on this side of the ocean.

While we rejoice with the Rowes...
We need to STORM HEAVEN for this little guy and his family.
His Papa and sister left last night - racing across the ocean to get him OUT even as a referendum is taking place to split his region from the main country.
If the referendum passes..... which it will because corruption is happening at its highest level.... then Sergey becomes part of a country that is CLOSED to adoptions.
This is what they wrote about him after meeting him the first time:
Sergei was a beautiful site! He is 6 years old and might weigh 25 pounds. His muscles are very tight and he really needs therapy and good nutrition! This little guy smiles like an angel even though he has never had anything to smile about! At this time he cannot sit up or talk but he will respond to sound and touch. He has one shunt in his head. He never gets to go outside and has only ever had a bottle. He is a fighter though! Sergei has never lived out side an institution. He was born weighing 2 pounds and was born at home and then discarded in the trash in a rural area so it is by the grace of God that he is here today. When Brian rubs his tight, sore muscles he smiles and giggles...what a little miracle! I cry daily for him to get home.
He is one tiny little boy in the midst of a HUGE storm.  But he matters.  This tiny little insignificant mental institute bound babe matters to his family, he matters to us and he matters most of all to the Lord on High.
Please pray that despite the evil that swirls around him - He will be able to be carried out safe in the arms of his Papa and sister!
And please also sow into this adoption financially.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS GIVEN.  Please don't stop.  This family was NOT FUNDED when they started and they are still short by thousands.  The terror of what they are going through is made so much worse by the financial strain that weighs heavy on their hearts.  Please give if you can.  They are adopting TWO children and they have not even had court for Crosby yet which is a crisis all on its own.  They really need so much right now in terms of prayers and support.
And please add another family onto your prayer list...
My friend Erin Johnson shared that her friends are also on their way to the same region to begin the process of adopting a child they hosted.  Shalon and Adam Roberson.  Oh my heart aches for this family as they head for a region that is closing its doors even as I type these very words.  Again.  One child in the midst of a huge storm.  But that child matters.  More than words can convey. So despite the evil they are rushing across the ocean to bring their sweet one home.
Please pray today for both families.  Harlins.  Robersons.
And pray for Ukra*ne.


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  1. I'm praying today especially hard, the day of the referendum. And I'm so thankful that Emir is safely on his way to his family! Godspeed to him. I'll be keeping the two little ones in my heart and prayers. Please keep us posted about their situation. samm in canada


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