Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tennessee Bound

I'm heading for Nashville on Thursday for the  TEACH THEM DILIGENTLY Homeschool Convention...

I'm going to be in booth 831 so PLEASE come by and say hello!! 

We have been writing around the clock trying to get our EARLY AMERICAN AND THE WORLD year finished.

Last week Ben was home for spring break.  His break consisted of working on our Early Modern Timeline book. 

Poor guy was glad to go back to school by the time Friday rolled around!! If anyone thinks creating a Timeline Book is easy.... talk to Ben...


Every single time he thought he had a good working draft I would burst his bubble.

I'm grateful he still loves me!!

 It was kind of fun putting all the pieces together into the timeline.  A bit like building a puzzle.  We now have the timeline hanging out all over our living room.  It will take a few weeks to get it completely finalized.  Pieces are missing and rearranging will still need to take place.  When the boys were young we didn't have a timeline like this to do when we did BiblioPlan. 
Kate Kessler wrote in her Old Schoolhouse review about our Ancient Timeline: 
"Underneath each yellow timeline you will find events and people written out in the correct place. You affix the appropriate photo, graphic, or drawing created for that person or event right where it is supposed to be. There is no guesswork with this product and that is my favorite part of the timeline! You are not going to glue something down in the wrong spot and regret using glue (the very thing I have done with other products!) There is a wide variety of graphics, photos, and drawings and all are great choices. Someone spent a lot of time finding these things for our use and this is a real treasure if you want to do a timeline with your children while using BiblioPlan."

She is absolutely correct....  A lot of time goes in to making these!! Just ask Ben! I would have absolutely enjoyed doing them with the boys.  If/when I ever homeschool Aaron - we are most definitely going to be doing history together and we will most definitely create timelines!



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  1. I wish, I wish. Do you ever come anywhere near the Black Hills?


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