Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Prayer

I am leaving tomorrow for California in the early morning hours and will not be back until this Mulligan Stew is over - The Stew ends May 31 - I return June 1.  I do not know if I will be able to blog while I am gone.   I do know that I will be watching and praying and praying some more!
We have 22 children left to be sponsored.
JUST 22!!
Last week we needed 270!!
Is anyone else as completely blown away as I am??
I don't seriously even have words to express...
578 orphans are going to camp.
Only 22 are left.
And here is where I am going out on a limb...
Here is my deepest prayer - that we not only have all 22 children sponsored by May 31st, but we give over and beyond anything the ministry team even asked or imagined! 

I know. I know.
I'm asking for more.
Yes.  I am.
This ministry  team is doing what I long to do.  They are being the hands of Christ every single week of the year. They are not a once a year type ministry!! They are ministering to these children at their orphanages, institutes and internats every single weekend.  Their ministry is called Nasledie Heritage Foundation and their blog is HERE.  They have over 100 volunteers. They visit 6-8 orphanages a month.  Not only that but they are active in the community, they minister to poor families and their children, they take part in social events and they do whatever they can to share Christ in their world.
Most of the time they operate on a shoestring budget.
Most of the time they have to rob Peter to pay Paul. 
Most of the time their ministry leaders who do this full-time do not get paid.
Most of the time.
It does NOT stop them.
They would have put this camp on even if only half the children were sponsored.
They love these kids.
They would move the world for each of them!
I didn't think we would raise enough to sponsor 400 children.  I didn't think we would even come close.
Oh Me of LITTLE faith!
I am believing now.
Believing for more.
Believing that we CAN get all 22 sponsored AND give beyond...
So that they can be free to love each and every child and love some more.

So that their ministry will flourish and grow..


They have HUGE dreams.  Dreams for more. 

I'm dreaming with them.
I am believing that God is not only going to meet the needs for the camp but is going to pour out His blessing on this group of faithful servants! 
That is my prayer.
We have 3 days left.
The Heart Whisperer is on the move.  Has He tapped your heart yet?
Listen.  Just listen.

22 orphans left. 

If you want to see ALL the prizes CLICK HERE
If you want to know more about why in the world we are doing this... CLICK HERE
If you haven't given yet... JOIN IN!   Whatever the Lord whispers to your heart - please give.  Watch the numbers fall!! Watch their cup overflow...


To all who have been listening.......

Deb, Katy, Nicole, Mindy, Rachel, Heather, Tonya, Marianne, Katrina, Bettina, Kim, Mary, Erika, Cheryl, Crystal, Tobi, Amy, Madeleine, Genna, Heather, Rebecca, Andrea, Jennifer, Kori, Philip, Judith, Kelly, Jennifer, Candice, Joy, Kelley, Candice, Ashley, Cindy, Dee, Amanda, Brenda, Jessica, Patricia, Naomi, Beth, Gaye, Lori, Brooke, Lisa, Kat, Tom, Rebekah, David, Cheryl, Rosemary, Amy, Ryan, Cynthia, MayLynne, Melody, Shasta, Theresa, Kelly, Kristen, Virginia, Rick, Stephanie, Ruby, Nancy, Kim, Peggy, Helen, Kendi, Rachel, Karen, Martha, Stori, Marcie, Rebekah, Amber, Carey, Carolina, Riley, Cynthia, Sharon, Katie, Cindy, Kerri, Kathleen, Naomi, Brooke, Peter, Amy, Beth, Tracy, Vivian, Lee, Christine, JoAnna, Nancy, Connie, Val, Shilo, Kerry, Kori, Erika, Melanie, Becky, Renee, Carolyn, Amber, Leah, Deborah, Heather, Megan, Mama, Nicole, Holly, Kim, Peg, Marianne, Micheala, Deb, Victoria, Jennifer, Laura, Carmichael, Jackie, Stephanie, Dana, Carolina, Rob, Julia, Nick, Melinda, Julie, Carol, Eric, Sue, Carla, Julie, Teresa, Amy, Ruth, Bettina, Maria, Amy, Pamela, Casey, Jamie, Janelle Anonymous X 36

 Thank you.



  1. Praise God for how much He has done through your diligent work and so many kind hearts! I have been praying often for this project and shared it with others, I am so, so blessed to see how God has been working in this project!
    Thank you for your time and effort with this. I am beyond sure that our God will provide in abundance! I'm waiting on my next paycheck so I can give again- I am yearning and praying now for these kids to go to camp! I just wish I could see their faces as they enjoy the blessings God has provided through everyone who has donated! :)

  2. I donated $10. Praying each child gets sponsored and gets to go to camp. Thank you for the work you have done to make it possible for these children to go to camp.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!