Monday, May 26, 2014

Story Time

It's Story Time on this blog.
You want to know what's crazy amazing about this Mulligan Stew??
You want to know why I am so ridiculously overcome by this Giveaway?
I have a story to share...
When Rob and I received our letter from the ministry team telling us about the camp this year, we were blown away.  On a ton of levels.  The fact that the SOCIAL WORKER in that country asked a Christian group to take 600 children to camp was beyond comprehension.  The fact that the SPECIAL NEEDS children were allowed to go was shocking beyond belief.  The fact that they needed $48,000 was enough to knock the wind out of us.
How in the world??
That amount included all the campers, the food, the buildings, the supplies, the transportation, the staff and a million other needs...
The ministry team runs on a shoestring.  They do not have padded bank accounts. Taking on 600 children at a time in their country when prices have skyrocketed was a huge risk.  Their country is in a political and economic crisis.  It was crazy. 
They said YES.  Crazy faith!!  Crazy faith!
Understand this... They do not have their own campgrounds.  They have to build everything from scratch!!  Every building.  Every bathroom.  Every water facility.  Every bench.  Every tent site.  Everything!! Think primitive.  Think a LOT of work!!
We talked about how in the world we could help.  48,000 was not something I wanted to tackle on this little blog.  It was too big.  Too scary. I groaned at the need. 
When I contacted Laura I did so with a pit in my stomach.  I didn't want to commit to something that was THAT big!!  We were GREATLY relieved to discover that they had found sponsors for 200 of the children.  INSERT HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!!  That left 400 children at a price tag of 24,000.00.  Still scary. Still too big.  But not quite as awful.
But that $24,000 for the campers, did NOT include everything that the ministry team needed.  To run the camp - they really needed about 8-10,000 more.  In essence, around $35,000 needed to be raised. 
What to do.  What to do.
We made the decision to focus this Mulligan Stew on raising the support for the 400 children.  $24,000.00.  We made that decision knowing that the ministry team could very well fall short of getting all that they needed to run the camp.  Know this about me.  I normally would never do that.  I'm way too detail oriented to leave a $10,000 dollar need on the table.  It is not my style.  But in looking at our circumstances - we just could not do it all.  So I told Laura that we were going to focus on the children and that we were going to pray that God would provide the rest.
That meant NOT sharing on here about the greater need.
It meant focusing ONLY on the children and letting the rest go.
It was HARD.  I wanted to shout on here that 60 dollars a child was not going to cover it.  I spent hours trying to figure out how I was going to share the greater need if we ever ever got 400 children sponsored. 
Well, dear friends.... I don't have to figure it out.
Last Wednesday I received an e-mail from Laura that they had received donations that covered the rest of the bills.
All the money needed to BUILD and RUN the camp has come in!!
The Heart Whisperer has been tapping on hearts all over the place for these 600 children. Oh how much He cares for them.  All that is left.  All that is needed.   Just sponsors for 43 more children.  
That's it.
No other hidden costs.
No secret needs.
In a world gone mad - God has opened this door and He is the one inviting each child in....
The table is filling up.
557 children are seated.
The needs of the camp have been met.  By God and God alone!
But there are 43 still standing outside and when I look inside the tents and at the table, I can see empty spots.  We can get them all in if we squeeze... WE CAN DO THIS!!  We can feed every single child!
I believe....
I believe....
The awe continues!

The Heart Whisperer is on the move..

To all who have been listening.......

Deb, Katy, Nicole, Mindy, Rachel, Heather, Tonya, Marianne, Katrina, Bettina, Kim, Mary, Erika, Cheryl, Crystal, Tobi, Amy, Madeleine, Genna, Heather, Rebecca, Andrea, Jennifer, Kori, Philip, Judith, Kelly, Jennifer, Candice, Joy, Kelley, Candice, Ashley, Cindy, Dee, Amanda, Brenda, Jessica, Patricia, Naomi, Beth, Gaye, Lori, Brooke, Lisa, Kat, Tom, Rebekah, David, Cheryl, Rosemary, Amy, Ryan, Cynthia, MayLynne, Melody, Shasta, Theresa, Kelly, Kristen, Virginia, Rick, Stephanie, Ruby, Nancy, Kim, Peggy, Helen, Kendi, Rachel, Karen, Martha, Stori, Marcie, Rebekah, Amber, Carey, Carolina, Riley, Cynthia, Sharon, Katie, Cindy, Kerri, Kathleen, Naomi, Brooke, Peter, Amy, Beth, Tracy, Vivian, Lee, Christine, JoAnna, Nancy, Connie, Val, Shilo, Kerry, Kori, Erika, Melanie, Becky, Renee, Carolyn, Amber, Leah, Deborah, Heather, Megan, Mama, Nicole, Holly, Kim, Peg, Marianne, Micheala, Deb, Victoria, Jennifer, Laura, Carmichael, Jackie, Stephanie, Dana, Carolina, Rob, Julia, Nick, Melinda, Anonymous X 36

 Thank you.

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