Sunday, May 25, 2014

Did you SEE that number??

It's Sunday morning.
My voice is rough from three days of talking.  I'm weary and ready for Sunday morning worship followed by an afternoon of rest and more rest. 
Home is the best place to be.
It just is.
What makes being home even sweeter is sitting here looking at the numbers for our Mulligan Stew.
543 orphans are going to have their bellies filled! 
543 institutionalized children are going to get to sleep out under the stars. 
543 children are going to swim and play games and make crafts and run races and laugh and sing. 
543 children are going to hear all about the God who loves them BEST of all.
Only 57 children are still waiting for sponsors.
Did you SEE that number??
See this crazy woman??
That, my dear friends, is Laura.
She's a missionary who happens to LOVE orphans and who also happens to be the behind the scenes person helping me with our stew.
I met her in December when I crossed the ocean.
She was the friendly face who picked me up at the airport.  She gave me a place to hang my hat for several days and lovingly took me around the city. 
Every person donating through the You Caring link is seeing Laura's name come up which has made many of you scratch your heads and wonder....
TRUST ME!! She's legit!!
She does the financial stuff for the ministry team and is the one who helped me set up the You Caring page so we could have this stew.
So NO WORRIES when you donate!
Laura passionately loves the Lord and lovingly serves in a way that humbles me to pieces!  I have been honored to get to know her these last few months!
We have 57 orphans left!
Compared to 600... that's peanuts!

The awe continues!

The Heart Whisperer is on the move..

To all who have been listening.......

Deb, Katy, Nicole, Mindy, Rachel, Heather, Tonya, Marianne, Katrina, Bettina, Kim, Mary, Erika, Cheryl, Crystal, Tobi, Amy, Madeleine, Genna, Heather, Rebecca, Andrea, Jennifer, Kori, Philip, Judith, Kelly, Jennifer, Candice, Joy, Kelley, Candice, Ashley, Cindy, Dee, Amanda, Brenda, Jessica, Patricia, Naomi, Beth, Gaye, Lori, Brooke, Lisa, Kat, Tom, Rebekah, David, Cheryl, Rosemary, Amy, Ryan, Cynthia, MayLynne, Melody, Shasta, Theresa, Kelly, Kristen, Virginia, Rick, Stephanie, Ruby, Nancy, Kim, Peggy, Helen, Kendi, Rachel, Karen, Martha, Stori, Marcie, Rebekah, Amber, Carey, Carolina, Riley, Cynthia, Sharon, Katie, Cindy, Kerri, Kathleen, Naomi, Brooke, Peter, Amy, Beth, Tracy, Vivian, Lee, Christine, JoAnna, Nancy, Connie, Val, Shilo, Kerry, Kori, Erika, Melanie, Becky, Renee, Carolyn, Amber, Leah, Deborah, Heather, Megan, Mama, Nicole, Holly, Kim, Peg, Marianne, Micheala, Deb, Victoria, Jennifer, Laura, Carmichael, Jackie, Anonymous X 34

 Thank you.

If you want to see ALL the prizes CLICK HERE
If you want to know more about why in the world we are doing this... CLICK HERE
If you haven't given yet... JOIN IN!   Whatever the Lord whispers to your heart - please give.  Watch the numbers fall!!




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