Friday, May 23, 2014

No. No. No. No. No!

Every year they tried.
Every single year they begged.  They pleaded.
They gave the best arguments they could find that they should go.

But every single year they were denied.
The special needs children may not go to your camp.
They are too fragile.  It is too risky.  Their needs are too great.  You can't take care of them.  They will get hurt.  You are not equipped.  They need to stay inside. 
Every single year they asked.
Every single year they were told no.
Until now.
In a country gone crazy... the door has finally opened.
Four weeks of camp for 600 children and one of those weeks is for the children who have forever heard the word "NO" whispered in their ears.
The Children with special needs are going to camp.


Let me say that again...


Not every one.
The Lost Boys and the Lost Girls in the Level 4 mental institutes are still shut out. 

If Aaron had still been at his institute.. he would have been left behind.

The boy who loves to run and play and laugh and sing.  The boy who loves people and loves adventure.  The door would stay shut for him.

My precious Lost Boys - Grady and Porter and Pearson and Dagmar - They will be left behind. 
But the Level 2 and 3 children - the ones who are mildly and moderately mentally and/or physically disabled...
God just opened a HUGE door!
A beautiful door.

A door of freedom and light for children who have been shut out time and time again.
I promise.  Oh how I promise that I will share the pictures that the team takes.

I know many of you will be pouring over those pictures.  Looking for familiar faces.  Trying to find the ones you left behind. 

I am sure that all the Reece's Rainbow advocates will be looking.  I know this because I will be.  I will be examining each picture to find the babes I pray for over and over and over again. 

I don't know who gets to go.  I don't know if we will recognize any of them.  I know many many of us will be looking and looking and looking some more!! And I know that it doesn't matter if we don't recognize any of the faces.

They get to go.

The precious ones who have been told NO so many times before.

They get to go to camp!!

It is a victory that should make all of us laugh out loud for joy.  In a world gone mad, God opened a closed door that seemed shut forever. 

The No has turned to Yes and now we get to take part!!


Get the last ones sponsored.

 The children with special needs have been invited to the feast.

Let's fill their bellies with good, wholesome food!

Can you hear their giggles? Can you see the joy in their eyes?  Can you see them as they swim for the very first time?  Watch them as they sit around the campfire?

They are going to camp.

My heart is going to burst for joy!

Man's "No" has become God's "Yes!"

Two months ago when the social worker asked the ministry team to take all the children to camp, 600 children needed sponsors.  They were stunned and overwhelmed and did not know how in the world they could afford to take them all.

Two weeks ago 400 children needed sponsors.

On Wednesday 126.

Today 89. 

The awe continues!

The Heart Whisperer is on the move..

To all who have been listening.......

Deb, Katy, Nicole, Mindy, Rachel, Heather, Tonya, Marianne, Katrina, Bettina, Kim, Mary, Erika, Cheryl, Crystal, Tobi, Amy, Madeleine, Genna, Heather, Rebecca, Andrea, Jennifer, Kori, Philip, Judith, Kelly, Jennifer, Candice, Joy, Kelley, Candice, Ashley, Cindy, Dee, Amanda, Brenda, Jessica, Patricia, Naomi, Beth, Gaye, Lori, Brooke, Lisa, Kat, Tom, Rebekah, David, Cheryl, Rosemary, Amy, Ryan, Cynthia, MayLynne, Melody, Shasta, Theresa, Kelly, Kristen, Virginia, Rick, Stephanie, Ruby, Nancy, Kim, Peggy, Helen, Kendi, Rachel, Karen, Martha, Stori, Marcie, Rebekah, Amber, Carey, Carolina, Riley, Cynthia, Sharon, Katie, Cindy, Kerri, Kathleen, Naomi, Brooke, Peter, Amy, Beth, Tracy, Vivian, Lee, Christine, JoAnna, Nancy, Connie, Val, Shilo, Kerry, Kori, Erika, Anonymous X 31

 Thank you.

511 children are heading for camp this summer.

89 are still waiting.

If you want to see ALL the prizes CLICK HERE
If you want to know more about why in the world we are doing this... CLICK HERE
If you haven't given yet... JOIN IN!   Whatever the Lord whispers to your heart - please give.  Watch the numbers fall!!



  1. This reminds me of a song we used to.sing at camp. A certain man held a feast on a fine estate in town.he laid a festive table and he wore a wedding gown. He sent out invitation to his neighbors far and wide but when the feast was ready each one of them replied I can not come. I can not come to the banquet don't bother me now I have married a wife I have bought me a cow. I have fields and commitments that cost a pretty sum pray hold me excused I can not come.
    The master rose in anger called his servants by name said go into the town fetch the blind and the lame. Fetch the peasant and the pauper and ask them to come in. My table must be filled before my banquet can begin. When the poor had assembled there was still room to spare so the master demanded go search everywhere. To the highways and the byways and force them to come in. My table must be filled before my banquet can begin. Now let that be a lesson to the rest Of mankind. If we're slow in responding he may leave us behind. Gods preparing a banquet for that great and glorious day, and when the feast is ready be certain not to say I can not come! I can not come to the banquet don't trouble me now. I have married a wife I have bought me a cow! I have fields and commitments that cost a pretty sum. Pray hold me excused I can not come.


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