Monday, June 16, 2014

Meet Israel

He's been listed on Reece's Rainbow for over a year.
I know this because I had the privilege of naming him.
I'm ashamed to say that he has been on my backburner for far too long!
Want to know his Special Need... He has mental delays.
Mental delays.

Here is his description..
He has a mental delay but is doing well in school.  He is well behaved in the orphanage and in class (in the orphanage). He comes highly recommended for adoption!
Did you read that?
Well-behaved.  Doing well in school. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
This boy has been passed over for far too long!!
Is he your son???


  1. Julia- I listed this boy as I met him in U last June when I was visiting orphanages. He was the first little guy I met at his orphanage and come to find out we share a birthday! He is such a sweet and polite little boy who is in a boarding school setting for children with mental delays- which quite honestly he didn't appear to have (at least by just talking to him). He is in a very dangerous part of U right now so much so that they aren't giving referrals- very violent but hopefully when things clear up, a family would be able to travel to him! Thanks for advocating for him :) Victoria

  2. Poor little guy. In Russia children with what we consider "normal sorts" of learning disabilities are labeled as having "mental delays" - an example would be dyslexia. Well, I'm certain that having a child with any learning disabilities can be a challenge, but really! It sure shouldn't relegate them to a low-level institution for life.


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