Sunday, June 15, 2014

No Break for Them...

If you are going to get an Aaron tanker... you have only a few hours left...
We are heading for Florida in the early morning hours.
Off to the Association of Classical Christian Schools Annual Convention.  I will be sharing with the teacher's and administrators all of our material.
The Convention happens to be across from Disney World and THIS TIME we are traveling as a family.  Since I had to pay for the hotel anyway... why not go a few days early and have a bit of fun.
Aaron is absolutely beside himself with joy.
Ben and Elijah and Rob have never been to Disney either so this is seriously going to be fun! 
Magic Kingdom... Here we come!
I considered not blogging during our time away.
I mean... I deserve a break right??
But they don't get one...
My precious Lost Boys - Grady and Porter and Pearson and Dagmar - They don't get a break...

Grady who can recite poetry. Grady who is 14 this year but looks to be about 8.  Grady who sat just a few seats away from me in December.  No break for Grady. 
 And Porter.  Porter who surprised us by being able to walk. 

And Pearson.  Oh sweet tender-hearted Pearson. 
Dagmar. Sorry buddy.  It's the shed for you. 

All four.  Stuck inside their hot sheds for the summer.

No break.  No camp.  No Disney.
And there are so many more like them.
Babes wasting away their lives behind walls.
Laying in cribs.
I considered taking a break but the reality is... I haven't been yelling for them in the last few months. 
I've been raising money and shouting for families and doing this that and the other and my boys and so many others are just sitting.
Voiceless without us.
So even though I am off to Florida this week.... I want to take the time when I can to shout for these loves and so many more.
That's my desire...
Even if it means just putting their pictures on here so you can SEE them.
Maybe, just maybe... a Mama or a Papa will catch a glimpse of their son or daughter....
That is my prayer.

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