Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Eagle Scout

We sent out invitations.
We searched boxes and looked in closets and cleaned out shelves.
Every single Cub Scout and Boy Scout award he earned over the last 10 years was dragged out.
We put them in albums and on a display board.
We framed certificates.
We dusted off the Pinewood Derby cars.
We found all but one of the books.
We ironed all the neckerchiefs.
We pulled out all the uniforms and hung them up.
It was a huge and wild and wonderful assortment of memories.
We designed a ceremony that would be fun and personal without a lot of pomp. 
Rob and Ben and Elijah reworked a song (If I Had a Million Dollars) and performed it (I am hoping to get it on You Tube and will share it when I can).
We arranged for family members to take part. 
We bought food for a cookout.
We arrived early and set everything up.
We shook hands with all the dignitaries that showed up.
We started the ceremony and I looked at Rob sitting next to me and WHISPERED to him in total frustration and dismay that I LEFT MY CAMERA IN THE VAN!!
Despite getting few pictures of the actual ceremony...
It was a beautiful and meaningful service!
Elijah's speech brought me to tears.
He honored the person who got him involved in scouting back when he was six years old and who was his den leader for 5 years as a Cub Scout.
Miss Libby!

Yes that is Ben photo bombing the moment!!
His granddad offered the prayers and benediction and had some sweet words to share with his grandson.
The scout leader who was one of the biggest encouragers to him as a Boy Scout and who mentored him during his Eagle Project was the Master of Ceremonies.
His current Scoutmaster made it official.

 He's officially and forever an Eagle Scout.

 I am so very very proud of him!!




  1. Send my congratulations to Elijah! So sorry I couldn't make it.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful accomplishment! What a precious young man! (all 3 of your young men are precious! ;o)


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