Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sweet Brett

This is Brett.
Brett 2013 (1)
He's an orphan in need of a family.
He currently has $9029.00 in his grant account.
That is a HUGE amount.
But here's the deal..
There is a family who is in process right now... they are waiting on travel dates and will be crossing the ocean soon. 
They want him.
They are adopting another child/ren and can ONLY add him on if he is fully funded.
He's not in the same region as their other child/ren which means the cost to add him on is around $14,000
Brett 2013
 The family is working to fund their current adoption which means that unless Brett is fully funded - they just can't add him on. 
Money can't be the reason this little boy misses out on a family.
If you have anything to spare... would you help Brett?
It is a win, win, win.
If they end up not adding him on.. Brett's grant account will have grown so that another family just may add him on...  If they do add him on then BRETT HAS A FAMILY!!
He deserves a family.  Sweet boy has waited for so very long.


  1. Tears of gratitude Julia! Thank you!

  2. Donated Julia, thanks for sharing!


  3. Break my heart today! Just donated.

  4. Donated. As always you have a true servant's heart.

  5. He is at 10k now! Getting closer! Praise God!

  6. Brett is on RR's "My Family Found Me!" list! Hurray!!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE


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