Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh, Gene!!

My heart hurts.
This sweet boy is Lost. 
He had a family commit to him but they had to release him.
His time is up.
He ages out NOW. 
Please somebody FIND HIM!

Gene1 Gene2

IF there is anyone out there who could add him on to their adoption... Please pray about it... consider....

He has an $18,615.00 grant!!


This is what someone wrote about him....

"HELP! Gene was re-listed and is as close to being OUT OF TIME as they come.
From someone who met him recently... "We have found Gene. He is the very small, gaunt boy who has been sitting on the front porch stimming the last couple days. He did reach out to my companion when he walked up to him. His situation is desperate. The other boys look great and are doing things they couldn't before. He looks worse. I don't think he would be one of the boys kept here as an adult and I am certain he would die almost immediately at an adult-only facility. If he is not adopted, he will die, and a family only has until August to send in their i600a. We were not able to get photos now but we were able to get confirmation of his first name and 16th birthday in August."
Gene is going to be transferred and he.will.die.
My heart hurts for him.


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  1. God, you are able!!! Set this solitary one in a family, Lord! Rescue him!


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