Saturday, August 23, 2014

Painting King

We have three more products left to finish.
One of those products is our Early Modern Craft book.
It is going to be filled with Early Modern activities, crafts, art projects, cooking ideas and more...
Over 120 ideas.
To create a craft book you have to have samples.
Samples so you know HOW to provide directions for the craft or art activity and samples so you can SHOW what it is supposed to look like.
The frustration for me is that this next year I am teaching Early Modern History at our local co-op and will have my students making a ton of these craft/art projects.  But the book needs to be finished now which means I can't take pictures of my student's creations and use them as my picture examples.
Enter Aaron.
He LOVES art.
He is GOOD at art.
He doesn't mind helping Mama!
The boy never ceases to amaze us!
He's learning cursive in school.
I know. 
Roll your eyes and wonder why we didn't request that our boy with special needs gets a pass on learning cursive.


Honestly, I don't think he needs a pass.
And in case you wondered what Aaron was painting up above....
It's called a Maquahuitl.
It's a wooden handled Aztec sword with sharp edges made from flakes of obsidian.
Don't you wish you were teaching Early Modern History this year and had my craft book to use with your kiddos???
Well it isn't out yet, but we have three other craft books equally full of awesome ideas for our Ancients, Medieval and Modern years.
And the Early Modern one will hopefully be finished in the next few weeks...


  1. Aaron's cursive is already better than most boys his age I know.
    Your boy is the best. He never stops amazing me. :)

  2. I love this young man and am constantly amazed at God's on-going miracle in his life. Miss Cookie

  3. What_a_great_artist!_Good_work!




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