Friday, September 19, 2014

5 for 5 for 5... HUH????

It's Friday afternoon.
You got paid today.

You realize that you have been blessed beyond measure with that paycheck.
Maybe you think you deserve more than you were just paid.

I bet that if you look carefully enough you will discover that you just might possibly have a few dollars to spare in that check.  Even after you tithe and pay the light and the phone and the water and the house and the car and the yacht and .... whatnots...
The vast majority of you reading this will have something left. Maybe not much but you got something to spare...
Maybe 5 left over? 10?
Now what are you going to do with it?
Go get a latte.. an option.

An ice cream cone. That works too.
Go see a movie.  Visit a museum.  All good choices.
How about dividing it five ways and give it to five different families.
5 dollars?
10 dollars?
That's only 1 or 2 dollars each family?
Sounds really really silly.
Not if a whole bunch of us do the same thing.

I donate my five
 And you donate your five
 And others donate their fives
And on the 5th of the month the money is split evenly between 5 families from 5 different countries.
Of course no one is going to stop you if you choose to donate 10.
 Or 20

 Or 100.
 And the coolest part...
It's just once a month and you can set it up so that you don't even have to think about it.
Make a payment and click the little button that says - Make this recurring.
And five families will be  blessed.
It's better than a latte.  OR an ice cream cone.
I promise.
Just think.
5 families every single month.
X 12 months
= 60 families.
Bet you didn't know what an amazing mathematician I am.
Actually I am lousy at math.
But I can count by 5's.
And I know what it means to the families.
Won't you consider joining in?
Click HERE to donate.
Leandra (1)
July 31 2014c
Elizabeth (1)
Phineas Lee
Will all thank you if you do...



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