Friday, September 12, 2014

Fatherless Friday...

Not for them.
In a few short days they will be claimed. 
Their Mama is on the plane right now flying to go get one of the boys! Their Papa is leaving in a few hours too to go get the other boy. 
Doesn't that just make you want to outright bawl on this Fatherless Friday??

Danny FSP wayne 1

At the beginning of the week they were over $4,000 short on what they needed to get the boys. 

But many many of you amazing readers have been pouring into this family and as of this morning they are only needing $1,054.00 to be fully funded.

A Mama and a Papa going separate ways to bring two boys into their family.

Can we finish this?
Elizabeth knit these socks for them.
Jaime Vanchura's photo.
Socks knit with prayers and love to get them home.
She's had a terribly rough week chemo wise but has been so blessed to watch the numbers fall for the Andersons.

I seriously want to finish this for her.
If you want the chance to win those amazing Elizabeth Dehority socks then just CLICK HERE to donate to the boys and then e-mail your receipt to this e-mail address:

On this Fatherless Friday... Let's get these two not-for-long Fatherless Boys funded!!
Their grant account needs to read $21,236.00 to be fully funded.


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