Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ten Thousand Tuesday

I went to bed with my head filled with a thousand worrisome thoughts.  We are driving up to Alexandria today to get our fingerprints done for immigration.  Our appointment is actually next Monday but because I teach six classes on Mondays and Aaron has school and needs to GET there and all the drivers in the family have to get fingerprinted.... we are going early in hopes they will take us.  I'm nervous.  Driving 2+ hours to beg for favor from a fingerprinting officer isn't my cup of tea.  I would rather stick by the appointment date. 
I also went to bed worried about the Angel Tree.

Yesterday the day started with 128 babes under 500 and when I went to bed 126 babes were still under 500.  That was hard.  Really hard.  All day I watched and prayed and hoped.  I have to admit I was terribly discouraged. 
This morning I woke up and counted as soon as I came down...
Only 86 babes left under 500!!
Oh how sweet to see the movement in the tree.
And this morning.... I find out that I get to announce this sweet piece of news...
Ten Thousand Dollars...
That's how much has been offered in a matching grant to the Angel Tree!!!!
The goal...
Get those left-behind 86 babes over 500...
Every single time a babe bumps over the 500 mark... the donor will bump a babe from the bottom over the 500 mark...
That means that we only need to bump 43 babes and 43 more will bump over!!
Please... CLICK HERE.... pick a child who is under 500....  PLEASE... bump them up... You can bump them all the way over 500 or you can just bump them a little... If we all work together we can get them all over!
And don't forget that there is a HUGE Giveaway happening so once you give CLICK HERE to enter into that giveaway!!
I am going to be on the road today and won't be able to do more than watch from my phone.  I'm so hoping we get those babes bumped today!! Please join in!!
This is going to be fun!!
Join In!

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