Monday, December 29, 2014

The Whisper That Changed Everything

(part of this was originally written December 29, 2010)
Just a whisper.  A Holy Spirit breathed whisper.  A longing.  A stirring that began years before but began to grow louder and more insistent as time passed.  Adoption.  One day we said.  One day.  Later.  Too busy now.  Our days too full.  Not enough money.  Not enough time.  Later.  Much later.  When the boys are gone.  When we finish our current projects.  When our bank account is above 0.  Another day.  Not today.

All good arguments but the whisper stayed.  The stirrings continued.  The voice wasn't silenced.  The God-ordained encounters with those who had gone before kept happening.  Consider.  Just consider.  Pray.  But... can't... not.... all the arguments.  Mental gymnastics.  The money, God.  Where?  It can't work.  Our boys.  It's crazy.  We are broke.  Our business is tumbling down.  We are consumed with our side projects.  Our schedule is insane.  Dear Lord, it's just not the right time. 

Louder.  No longer a stirring but a wave.  A push.  An emptiness.  A realization that we lacked.  Something.  Someone.  Our lives were full of nothing.  Crazy chasing after useless dreams.  Circling - protecting our boys from what?  Our spiritual lives - Church - worship - tithing - going through the motions.  For what?  Our passion gone.  Realization of our empty cup.

Then a picture.  A smiling face.  A helpless child.  The Holy Spirit whisper becomes a scream. 


 This child.  In that country. GO.  Now.  Say yes.  Despite the bank account.  Despite the schedule.  Despite the arguments.  Despite it all.  GO. 

Five years later.  Our 'whisper' celebrating Christmas with us.  Our son.  Our child.  Our little brother.  Ours.  But more than Ours - God's.  His child.  His son.  His treasure that He called out of darkness.  To our family. 


And five years later. Another whisper.  Another child.  A little sister.  A treasure needing to be found.  Go get her.  From that same country.  Despite the turmoil. Despite the schedule.  Despite the bank account.  Despite the diagnoses.  Go.  GO!


December 29, 2009 - five years ago - Just a whisper in our hearts. 
Five years later a second whisper has us waiting to go again.  Waiting and wondering and praying for our whisper across the ocean.  Waiting and hoping.
Just a whisper.
Are you listening??

Do you hear??
 The whisper that will change everything for you?  Despite the bank account.  Despite the diagnosis.  Despite your schedule.
There are 140 million orphans in the world.
We can't save them all.
But we can make a difference for one.  Or two. 
There are 199 children on the Angel Tree this year who do not have committed families.
199 children.
That's 199 whispers.
Are you listening?
 Even if you can't right now..... Please.... go help a child over the $1,000 wall. Give one of those 199 children a greater chance of a family.  We can't let money be the reason why a child doesn't get a family! 
Go help someone's whisper.  Maybe, just maybe it will be yours.

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  1. How I'm praying that someone hears RUSLAN'S whisper!!!!


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