Monday, January 12, 2015

Disappearing Pieces

Remember our puzzle disaster?? The hole in our plan??
Well back before Christmas we started over.

Aaron's job was to build the birds!

Nice job, buddy!!

Quit taking pictures Mom and get to work!!

Many hands make for light work!

Dad got into the action the next morning...

Last piece...

Isn't it fun???
As soon as we finished the puzzle, it started disappearing.
I mean just about half of the puzzle is gone!!
The kindness of each person on this puzzle touches us deeply.
Thank you. 
Thank you!!
An auction for Harper and two other orphans is coming soon!  Exciting! Exciting!
We are working out details and gathering items etc etc.
I've never done an auction before so this is going to be a wild ride indeed!!
Stay tuned!!
P.S. If you have anything you want to donate to the auction send me an e-mail at!!

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