Monday, March 16, 2015

His Tender Heart

We fly out on Saturday!!
I fly out on Saturday.
From Nashville to Dulles.
Then Rob and AARON and I cross the ocean together early early Sunday morning (12:30 am early).
Yes, Aaron is crossing the ocean with us.
Yes, he is excited.
Yes, he is scared.
We considered leaving him with family and considered leaving him with friends but when push came to shove... neither of us could handle the thought of being apart from our littlest for a day much less weeks and weeks.
So we are tagging him along.
We just love this little guy.

Even when he refuses to smile for the camera!!



For those who have asked about what Aaron remembers and how this trip will affect him.  When he first came home he had virtually no language. He knew about 20 words and most of them not repeatable.  When he did begin to speak, his vocabulary was limited to things that go.  Cars, trucks and trains.  It took several years before he was open to branching out past the safety of those subjects.
Since he has been home he has not mentioned nor referred to his former life except one fleeting time when he wondered about the people in white.
His last year there was hard. Emotionally and mentally hard.  There were no pleasant memories for him to want to remember, and his baby house memories were too distant in his past for him to be able to pull them up past the sorrow of his last year in that country.
Adopting Harper has given us a huge opportunity to be able to process with Aaron his story. As he has walked through and talked through the process of adopting Harper, he has begun to ask questions about his experience.  For the first time we have been able to fill in some blanks for him that he has not been brave enough or had the language to articulate.
Crossing the ocean will be for him both good and very hard.  As he watches Harper's story unfold, he is going to be confronted with the why's of his story.  The basic basic questions every orphan asks.  Why is she there?  Where is her Mama? Why was I there? Where was my Mama?
He has never asked those questions.
I pray that God gives us grace and much tenderness as we provide him answers that protect his tender, sweet heart.
We love him to pieces.  Our precious precious boy!


  1. As an adoptee myself (& 44), I still wonder about some of those things ... why? where is my birth mother? Domestic, closed adoption and none of the awful experiences that your precious Aaron had ... but still I wonder. I will be in prayer for your boy (& your girl) over the coming days and months. Love in Christ, Julie

  2. I will keep your family in my prayers. I hope all goes well meeting your gorgeous girl & that you will find the right words to help Aaron with any questions this trip brings up.

  3. God Bless you and your family as you cross the ocean to bring your daughter home. Love and prayers to you for a safe trip.

  4. What a blessing! From the first time I found your blog and saw his face, I too fell in LOVE with him! You are blessed! (((HUGS))) But I know you know that! :o)

  5. We chose to take our son (who had a lot of negative memories from his birth country) with us when we were adopting our daughter, and it was the best thing that we could have done for him. We were prepared for it to be traumatic for him, but it gave him a lot of closure that no amount of reassurance was able to give him before the trip.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!