Monday, June 8, 2015

Fire Engine For Sale

In January Aaron painted a ship and a fire engine to raise money for our adoption.
We sold both the paintings in our on-line auction.  The ship was won by Aaron's grandmother and is hanging at her house a few miles away.  The fire engine is here.  It was won by Aaron's aunt who gifted it back to us as a wonderful surprise. 
Many of you bid on both of them and many others asked us if we would put the painting in prints for purchase. 
I have another option.
A few years ago Aaron drew a tanker truck that was selected by Paper Clouds to go on their shirts, hats and bags as a fundraiser for Reece's Rainbow. Paper Clouds is an amazing organization as it not only raises money for different charities but employs people with special needs to do all their packaging for them.  Aaron's tanker helped raise money for Reece's Rainbow two different times which was a huge honor for him.
A few months ago Paper Clouds decided to again raise money for Reece's Rainbow.  They were asking for donations of pictures to use for the fundraiser. I did NOT submit anything of Aaron's since he had already won once.  But Paper Clouds specifically asked that Aaron submit a drawing for them to use since they liked his art so much. I balked.  I wanted to make sure other children had the same opportunity he had been given.  We were asked again. I dragged my feet.  When we were asked a third time I agreed to submit the ship and fire engine and let them choose what they wanted.  They picked the fire engine.

It is only on sale until June 14th.

John is excited about it because Aaron has a cool zip up jacket with the tanker on it and John's been jealous that he doesn't have a cool zip up jacket like Aaron's. So now I can get John a cool zip up jacket with the fire engine on it!!
If you want an Aaron original then CLICK HERE and get his fire engine.  There are three other really really sweet options besides his fire engine you could also choose from drawn by some really special artists!

This ends June 14th. 

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  1. Yay! Laurel is mine and she is so excited about her Lion!


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