Thursday, June 4, 2015

He's Running Out of Time

A few weeks ago I shared about a sweet boy named BEN whom I met in my travels across the way in a post called SOMETIMES
Since I held him in my arms just about a month ago, he has lost 3 lbs.  THREE POUNDS.  He can't afford to lose an ounce much less three pounds.  He so desperately needs a family.  There are doctors from Germany at his institute right now and they are trying to find ways to help him and I praise God for what they are trying to do.  But they are only there for a few weeks and then will leave.  He needs to be in a hospital. He needs medical intervention to live.

Oh, Please pray for Ben.  Please consider him if you are in process!!


Please help raise money in his grant account so that a family doesn't find money to be a stumbling block!!  Please let's rally for Ben!!

Sweet boy is so desperate for a family!

 He's literally running out of time.


  1. Is the child in restraints ? what are those things tied to the bed ? If so, do we know why ? Sorry if I am out of line in my questioning.

    1. You are not out of line asking. No. He is not tied. The German doctors fixed the overalls in the bed so he could sit inside them and be elevated (sitting up) instead of lying flat. He does better when he is not laying flat. It's makeshift but it works. Because of donated funding, he has a nanny caring for him 12 hours a day who takes care of him and one other boy. He is taken out of the crib, held, rocked, walked, taken outside etc throughout the day.

  2. Donated Julia! I hope a family is found quickly.


  3. Replies
    1. Private message me about Ben or contact Reece's Rainbow. My e-mail is


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