Thursday, June 11, 2015

First Wedding

There are so so many firsts happening in his life right now!

A few weekends ago he went to his first wedding. 

Included in that was his first night in a hotel!

It was a bit overwhelming but overall he did quite well.

And I got to see all five of my men dressed up!

Don't they look like they are just loving being dressed up??

John's happy place.  Papa's lap.


Cooperating during picture taking time was NOT on his agenda that night!

Oh Well!

It was still a special day because along with watching my nephew get married, Rob and 
I 'celebrated' our 23rd wedding anniversary. 

23 years.

I am so blessed!

This weekend John gets to experience another first.  His first homeschooling convention. I'm heading to Richmond this afternoon for the HEAV convention with Ben.  Rob will be bringing Elijah and the little boys tomorrow evening so they can enjoy the convention hall and Elijah and Rob can help work the booth on Saturday.  We'll see how that goes!!  Two little boys in a convention hall filled with a zillion things to buy and bowls of candy at every other booth.  This is definitely going to be interesting!


  1. I can't go to HEAV because I no longer live in VA, but I am trying to enlist a friend to stop by and say "Hi" for me.

  2. he looks great!! i don't know if you already got them but there are toddler pics of john.on sirotstvy. junos pics are gone but jacks is still there. and johns are still there. adorable tyke. youd recognize him anywhere with that smile. hugs miss you. family photos look great! many firsts here too. musicin the park, walking in the creek, watching a dozer clear land, watching your brother get bit by a fox and get rabies shots. yes all very exciting!!

  3. you all look so handsome ! But I think your husband gets the gold medal ! ;)


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