Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sweet Times

Ben and I arrived home late early early Sunday morning.
Note to self.  Next time you park in the economy parking lot at Dulles Airport... don't just remember the LOT you are in but please remember the ROW.  Otherwise you will find yourself at 1:00 am in the morning dragging your luggage through a massively huge parking lot trying to figure out where in the world you parked your car. If a security officer happens to drive by and offer to help - SAY YES.  Then tip her nicely when she helps you finally find your lost vehicle!
We spent Father's day resting and resting some more. After dinner we headed down to our favorite river to swim.

The water was a LOT higher than normal so the little boys, Rob and I sat and watched Ben and Elijah wade up the river and ride the current.

We then walked/drove to another part of the river where the little boys could enjoy the water too.


I love these guys.
They make my heart sing.


  1. When traveling by air (something I don't even try anymore) I would write the car location on the back of the folder my tickets came in. As long as I didn't leave my tickets somewhere, I also had the location of the car written down. Of course these days, one can simply speak into his mobile phone and make a note of the car's location.

  2. Long time reader/follower, here. So so neat to see John being one of the boys! I know it's still trench time but anything you can share on how he's doing?? Also, again I know it's a long road, but anything you can share on his physical condition/doctors/plans for helping his body? Is he in pain with his back/legs? I sure hope not. Prayers and thoughts still being sent your way. Appreciate the updates and pictures so much!


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