Thursday, July 9, 2015

An Explosive Story

I think I must have a target on my back when it comes to airports because every time I've been in one recently I come away with a crazy experience that has us laughing after the fact.
Today was no different.
I left this morning at 1:45 for Phoenix, Arizona.  Rob drove me to the airport.  It was kind of like a rare date for us.  Just the two of us in the car together for two hours. I know.  That sounds silly but right now moments alone have been rather rare since we brought home a certain newest littlest.  So I'll take quiet rides alone with my bestest friend in the entire world even if they are before the rooster crows.
The airport was EMPTY when I arrived.  Not too many crazy fools wanting to fly out at 5:45 in the morning.  Just me.  Alone with my thoughts.  I went down the escalator and entered the line for security. 
I don't know why I was selected. Maybe because I looked the LEAST LIKE a terrorist or something.  Maybe it was my GIVE YOUR LIFE AWAY Sevenly shirt that set them off. 
Whatever the reason - they decided that I needed to have my hands checked.  I wasn't phased.  I had been selected before so I knew the routine and held my hands out for them to swab them.  All the times they have done it before they would swab my hands, glance at them and then wave me through. Not this time. This time they put the swab inside a nifty machine.  Not knowing what to do I stood there with my hands in the air feeling rather stupid.  My stupid turned to shock when the machine indicated that I had EXPLOSIVES on my hands.  In bright red letters - EXPLOSIVE!
Are You Kidding ME???
The only explosives I have been around all week were sparklers and that was on Monday night. 
I stood there waiting while they called THE SECURITY GUARDS.  A very official and stern looking woman arrived with two other security guards to escort me off to be examined.  Little me.  Surrounded by three women in blue with all my stuff in boxes, including my shoes.  To say it was disconcerting would be putting it mildly.  I was led into a private room for a private exam.  Nuff said on that.
Then they went through my bags and swabbed EVERYTHING.  Every pocket, every electronic, every bag, every everything.  I stood there watching, trying to figure out what would have been on my hands that would have set the machine off.
I'll never know.
I was glad when they finally let me go. 
I don't want to go through that again.
I am not looking forward to my return trip home on Sunday.  I have a feeling I will be whispering prayers all through security.
Until then... If you happen to live in Phoenix or happen to be going to the AFHE Homeschooling Convention tomorrow or Saturday.. PLEASE!! Stop by my booth! 
I'm lonely here!! 
I could use a hug or two over the next few days...



  1. Oh, so sorry Julia! I was searched in a room when we adopted and I had adoption money in my travel money holder ubder my clothes..,.that was awful! (Traci)

  2. Oh, dear...I've been pulled out of airport lines for security checks, but never anything as extreme as what you endured! I hope the rest of your journey, and especially the homeward stretch, go smoothly and completely uneventfully.

    Sending a virtual hug...

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  3. Check to see if your lotion or soap contains glycerin. If it does, that's the likely culprit.

  4. Oh! Julia- (((HUG))) I'm so sorry

  5. I suppose that next time you will put on a shirt with no message on it !!!
    We were chosen in april before getting on the Shuttle, to go in the line where cars went I suppose through an X ray... And two people looked for explosive powder on the car driving wheel, all the car handles... It wasn't too bad... It was just difficult to get back in the car cue... There was a dreadful amount of cars... suddenly we had the option to take the handicappes lane ! Youpi ! We fled by all the filled car lanes, and were the first in our next cue. That's when a man came over with a phone at his ear...
    - by any chance, do you have a wheel chair in your car ?
    - yes we do
    We had a good laugh thinking they might have thought it could be something else !
    but glad to know they are so cautious ! :)
    Have good sales ! And by the way, I completly understand that feeling of being just the 2 of us ! I always savoured these moments and we still do, even with an empty house ! my husband likes to say : I would drive with you to the end of the world and back ! ;)

  6. Oh! Phoenix! My mom is in Phoenix! I hope you can arrange to meet so that she can give you a hug...arms that have held our boy not so long ago! So wish I could meet you, too! Have a great weekend and a peaceful return home!

  7. So sorry you had that experience ...or series of them!! Praying that your return is far smoother and that you get many hugs in Phoenix before you have to brave the next airport!! I am actually amazed at how few are the times I've had to do the up close and personal at an airport...thankfully!!

  8. UGH We just moved and I just graduated so this is our first year not going to the AFHE convention. I'm so sad and even more so knowing you're there (and all you had to go through to get there HA!)! Have a wonderful time!

  9. Maybe they saw something that said. Expo ( sition) and they misread it as explo....


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