Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No More

I'm done. No more planes this year. No more airports.  No more airport securities.  No more waiting for my luggage.  No more cramped seats.  No more.  I have only one more convention this year and I am DRIVING to that one!  And my little boys are going with me so I won't be alone. 

I traveled alone across the country last Thursday to Phoenix, Arizona feeling down and weary of the constant go and go again of this year. John's birthday landed on the day I left so I didn't even get to kiss his sweet dimples on his special day.  That hurt.  I missed the other 10 birthdays and I did not want to miss his 11th.

Like I said, I was down and weary as I traveled across the country.  Since I neglected to even indicate to anyone that I was going to be in Phoenix until the day I was traveling, I didn't expect I would get to see anyone I knew while I was there which just made the trip even worse in my head. 

Weary. Depressed. I was focused on doing my job and getting home as fast as I could.

Arizona was nothing like I expected.

I was blessed beyond measure to have two women help me in my booth who were fun, engaging and just all around wonderful.  I didn't know either of them so I had no idea what to expect. We laughed and talked and shared and my loneliness slipped away when I was with them. 

I was blown away by the atmosphere at that convention. People were so kind and so open to hearing about our curriculum.  We are just a blip on the radar on that side of the country, so I expected an uphill climb to even get people INTO our booth, much less make any sales.  I was pleasantly surprised at the steady stream into our booth and at the sales we made from many of those who stopped by.  BiblioPlan will definitely be going back to Phoenix next year.

But the coolest parts of the weekend had nothing to do with BiblioPlan.

The first coolest part was when I received a message from a dear dear friend who lives in Chicago and who just happened to be in Phoenix caring for the children of an RR mom who was across the ocean bringing home another sweet treasure.  Guess who was in Arizona??

If you have been following this blog for any time you know that a year and a half ago I traveled across the ocean to help my friend, Carla Dobrovits, bring home her three treasures.  Carla and I have been part of a tiny little prayer group for well over 2 years now after her Henry went to be with Jesus. We are best buddies.  Despite being in our tiny group where we talk and share ALL THE TIME we never put two and two together.  It wasn't until I mentioned on Facebook where I was that Carla about fell on the floor and then contacted me. SHE WAS IN THE SAME CITY.  And she had YANA with her!  Yana.  The babe who SCREAMED every single time I even looked in her direction unless I was feeding her food from my plate.  YANA.  The itty bittiest of the three treasures.

I GOT TO HOLD HER IN MY LAP!! She talked to me.  She is growing and thriving and it was such a joy and blessing to spend Thursday evening with Carla and three of her girls. 

The Lord ministered to my heart in so many places as Carla and I talked and shared.  It was a healing balm for me.  I needed that time. I needed to see Yana.  I needed to hang with them for the evening.  I needed to laugh and to enjoy their company.  I am so grateful we had those moments.
But that isn't the only coolest part.

I was blessed to meet another family too.

You have to hear a bit of their story to understand why meeting them was so precious to me. 

Over five years ago they were in process to adopt a little girl.  We weren't adopting.  We weren't adopting.  We were NOT adopting.  But the Lord was stirring in our hearts and He was using different blogs at the time.  Their blog was one of the blogs I was following.  I read along as they crossed the ocean. I read as they met their sweet one.  I read as they went through court and then as they brought her home.  Their story was one of the means God used to open our hearts towards adoption.

Over the years I have followed them as they went back two other times to adopt two other older precious girls.  I have watched their girls grow and it has been a pleasure.

When they found out I was in their city they contacted me and on Saturday night we had an amazing time of fellowship.  We shared stories and laughed and I got to meet their precious girls. Seeing their littlest whom God used to stir my heart meant so much to me.  God used that time to again minister to my weary heart. 
I still came home physically weary but mentally so much better.  On Sunday night we had a little family party for John. Though we had a party for him the week before, we hadn't given him the gifts we had bought for him.  He received his own towels and a rolling backpack with his name on it and a Nintendo DS like Aaron's and some other fun presents.   Each time he opened a gift he exclaimed with wonder and awe.  Coming home and watching his joy was by far the best part of my entire trip. 
No more airplanes this year.  No more.  But I don't regret my trip to Arizona.  Sometimes you have to cross the country in order for the Lord to meet your needs.  This was one of those times.  This was one of those times.


  1. How funny! My two favorite bloggers meet!! Glad you had a successful and not so dreary trip!

  2. I loved reading what Abba did for you, Julie!! and I love what He did and who He used and that your heart was refreshed... And the extra, small b-day celebration for John too... Hugs!!

  3. God IS SO GOOD! Glad you are home safe and sound weary traveler. (((HUGS)))


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