Friday, July 17, 2015

Playground Fun

Taking two to the playground is much more fun than just taking one!

Of course when one wanders down the steep hill to check out the ducks at the nearby pond....

The other one wants to go down too... 

Getting down was the easy part..
Going back up... not so much!
WE ARE OFF TODAY TO THE ANNUAL REECE'S RAINBOW REUNION! Well over 130 RR babes and something like 80 families and a whole lot of fun!
I think I had better start packing! 



  1. Praying you all have a good time and a safe trip. This will be Jonh's VERY FIRST R-R much fun for one and all!!

  2. The beauty of those smiling faces together...unspeakable joy!! The multitude of "brother blessings"!!!!!! : ) Rejoicing!!


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