Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Savoring the Moments

Our traveling days are DONE. 
The little boys and I drove to Georgia last weekend for the SEHE Homeschool convention in Atlanta.  It was a LONG trip but they had a blast. My sister went along to keep them entertained and my aunt lives nearby so we were blessed with good company and good food.

They loved going around the convention hall finding free treasures.  One of mine had trouble with the concept that you are only allowed to take the free stuff! 

Long Convention hours can make one a bit wacky!
And silly!

We were so so glad to be home on Sunday night. John was either car sick or had something else because the trip home included him using quite a number of vomit bags!  He looked a bit ragged by the time we pulled into the driveway.
They were two very tired puppies when we put them to bed Sunday night.  But they bounced back rather quickly on Monday when Papa got out his materials to pour a sidewalk.

Seeing these two lining up their wheelchairs so they could watch him work was too cute to pass up.

Sweet boys!!
I'm savoring these moments.

They pass way too quickly!

School starts in two weeks. 

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