Thursday, July 23, 2015

Walking Free

He has waited so long.  So very long.

He has sat day after lonely day in a shed filled with boys who constantly moan, groan and hit themselves, who rock back and forth to comfort themselves. He has groaned and rocked himself, wondering in the deepest parts of his being if ever, ever he would be set free.

Day after day.  Year after lonely year.  Spring, summer, fall and winter.

Until one day, not too long ago, when a man and a woman walked into his life.  A man and a woman who took his hand and led him out of the shed.  A man and a woman who called him by a new name. A different name.

A man and a woman who crossed the ocean to bring him home.

A man and a woman who looked past the rocking and the moaning and the awful smell of the shed, to find a treasure worth more than much fine gold.

On July 20, 2015 a judge across the ocean granted Bey the right to be their son.
Their son.  Behlan Job Hartman


A son.  A grandson.  A brother.  A nephew. 

Wanted.  Loved. No longer a Lost Boy.

Grady/Bey is free.

Not only did the judge grant them as his parents, he also did the unthinkable: he waived the 10 day waiting period.  This very morning, Bey walked free for the first time.


Cry people.  Cry.  Cry for a boy who has spent his entire life locked away. Cry for a boy who just this morning stepped out of those gates into a whole new world.  Cry for joy. Cry for joy.

I am.

I know the world he leaves.  I grieve all his lost years. I grieve the thousands and thousands of hours he spent in senseless nothingness.  I rejoice because all of that ended for him this morning.

Run free, Bey.  Run free!

You are a Lost Boy no more! Thanks be to God!


Please - the Hartmans are NOT fully funded.  They are several thousand short.  They are humble saints, and asking for help is not their style. So I am asking for them. If you could give, then I know they would be grateful.

These last few weeks have been extremely difficult for them.  Rob and I know full well what an adoption from that institute is like.  It is emotionally and physically draining.  Melanie has been alone in the village for weeks awaiting court.  There aren't hotels, or restaurants, or English-speaking people to talk to. Imagine how lonely and sad she must have been! Not to mention the gut-wrenching experience of seeing what she saw every day.

The next few weeks are going to be equally as hard as they bring their son out into a new world.  He's been locked away for a very long time.

Please give to ease some of their burden. 

Bey is so worth it. He is absolutely worth it.


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  1. Crying for joy with you and asking Him to carry the weight of all the things that make me cry in pain and grief for all Bey lost over the years... So glad he is with his forever family!! Bless you for all you did to pray and mobilize for him!!


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