Saturday, October 17, 2015

Warriors Wanted

Are you looking for a way to make the Christmas season more meaningful for you and your family?
Then pick a child on the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree and be a Warrior for a child on there.
Bayleigh Cara  (1)

Just a bit ago I counted and there are 69 babes WHO DO NOT HAVE WARRIORS.
That, my friends, breaks my heart.
Isaac  Nanne (1)
Each year we have been actively involved in the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree. Each year we have had the joy of picking a child off the Angel Tree and advocating for that child. Each year we have fought side by side with many others to get the Angels on the tree seen and money raised for their grant accounts.
Jamison Kyle (4)
 Sign ups for Angel Tree end tomorrow (Sunday, October 17th).
If the 69 do not have warriors they will not make it on the tree. This means they will not have 2 months where they will be seen over and over again. This means that no one will be actively trying to raise money for their grant accounts. 
Hayden (1) Trudy
 This means that their chances of being adopted decrease considerably. Being a Warrior costs you nothing except a bit of love, a bit of time and a LOT OF HEART. Pick a child. Even if all you do is PRAY for that child for the next 2 months then you have been the GREATEST WARRIOR OF ALL!!
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE join me this year!! Click the link below. Pick a child (the very hardest part of all) and sign up to be that child's warrior. I'm calling on my friends near and far. We can't let the 69 babes go without warriors this year. PM if you have questions.
Libby (2) Samantha
P.S. We found both our treasures on Reece's Rainbow.  We were blessed by the money advocates raised for both our children before we found them (Aaron had about 1,000 in his grant account and John had $3,300 which was a HUGE blessing). After we committed to them we raised our money for our adoptions through Reece's Rainbow.  We will be forever grateful to Reece's Rainbow for helping us find our little boys!!

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  1. This post wasn't in vain. I signed up and am Elsbeth's warrior.


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