Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Inching Up

Can I just take a moment and put a plug in for my dear extremely gifted friend who does the graphics on our BiblioPlan website and who created the Shadow Children graphic below?  Honestly, I'd kind of like to keep her a secret because if you knew how brilliant she is at what she does and how reasonable her prices are - she would be flooded with requests and I would have to stand in line to get her to do our work. 
But she deserves credit.  All I ever have to do is give her what is stirring inside my head and she runs with it.  Rob and I have so enjoyed working with her over the years because she not only is extremely talented but she loves the Lord which makes it sweet to work with her.  We also share a passion for the orphan - especially the Least of These.  She does all the graphics for Reece's Rainbow so if you want to see her work just check out their website. Or check our website - BiblioPlan.  She does blog design, graphic design, website development, print design, branding and more.  Her website is HERE. She lives across the ocean in the U.K. which makes it all the more fun to work with her. 

She didn't pay me to share any of this and actually doesn't know I am doing it!! But when I looked at the Shadow Children graphic this morning, whispering prayers for the success of this giveaway, I felt compelled to let you in on our graphic design secret! 

Who does this benefit?

The Bloom family adopting FOUR orphans.

Their grant account needs to read $27,500 to be fully funded.

If you want to know one reason why I am committed to helping the Blooms raise the ransom go HERE.  Here's another reason HERE. Stay tuned for more reasons in the coming days...

One wee Lost Boy.

If you want to know about Otto go HERE.


To see the full giveaway CLICK HERE..


  1. Donated 25 to the blooms and 25 to Otto. I love that you're doing this again! ♡

  2. God Bless you for helping these babies and this loving family

  3. $25 for Otto and $75 for the Blooms. I love your heart and passion for these kids! (homeschooling family here :) )

  4. Hi Julia - thanks so much for what you are doing for these families and their kids - I know its a lot of work for you and I'm praying that your efforts are doubly blessed! I just donated $75 to the Blooms and $50 to Otto. - Kim Buckley


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